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  1. I nearly always prefer the smaller ones. There's a reason why the quisquillas in Puerto de Santa María go at over €80 the kilo ;)
  2. E921804C-D9AC-4A94-B084-3DAA1027DD35.jpeg Lovely Pastificio spaghetti. Clams far too big, juicy and delicious!
  3. Budleigh’s finest...more tomorrow hopefully

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  4. There have been a few pictures of spider crabs in this thread. What are people’s views of these compared with “ordinary” brown crabs? For my part, I do like them - indeed, I used to seek them out - but they are such hard work. A lazy afternoon spent picking at a platter of fruits de mer including a crab, washed down with a vat of Muscadet, can be an absolute delight, but in other circumstances I’ve come to the opinion that spider crabs aren’t worth the bother. Too much effort for too little yield for me, I’m afraid.
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  5. I think you have to actively enjoy it, Colin, if the physical engagement is simply a means to an end then it probably isn't worth the effort. I find the difficulty adds a a unique textural enjoyment.
    A mound of ready picked crabmeat can be a thing of beauty but is nevertheless a disappointment compared to the full experience, as with all shell-less shellfish.
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  6. Picked up a fresh crab from the Harrow at Little Bedwyn today. Having it with chilli and linguine tonight, with a PYCM Borgogne Aligote.
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  7. Prefer spiders to brown crabs. There is a huge amount of glorious white meat hidden in the bodies of spider crabs which comes out surprisingly easily with a crab picker with a bit of practice. They are low on brown meat and so just opening the shell is not a ticket to instant riches in the way it can be with a meaty brown crab.

    Sat around the table with my two kids, a load of spiders, some homemade blinis, a bucket load of aioli and a nice bottle of white wine is a glorious way to spend an hour and a half. My kids love the whole experience.
  8. That does sound bliss JB.
    Wild, local Seabass fillets tonight with Jerseys, Kent asparagus and Hollandaise. Four live lobsters coming tomorrow and a Wing Rib of local beef for Sunday. I’m getting used to this Lockdown!
  9. I find a good brown crab to be superior, but then I much prefer the brown meat.
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  10. I love the brown meat too, especially when still slightly warm from the boiling but I treat it as a perk for the picker so it rarely lasts long enough to make it into a dish. Thinking about it, there aren’t many dishes where I want both meats for a dish, crab linguine and the occasional crab cake are the mainstays. The brown meat is essential for a crab sandwich though, so must remember that next time!
  11. I agree completely, Jim, I'm always really sad when the two are mixed together, they have little in common.
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  12. I like white and brown meat mixed in a crab tart.
  13. I’d forgotten that I make that quite often, but again, white meat only for me.
  14. Courtesy of Jon B's dealer - a very enjoyable 37 mile ride to pick them (plus 1.5kg of skate and 3 fresh mackerel)...
  15. 73E128F1-8332-45D3-A11D-2D2B6F3CAFC3.jpeg Tonight’s dinner.
  16. Fine looking beasties Jim!
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  17. That's strange. A friend of mine on Facebook with a very similar name to yours went on a 40 mile ride to the same place!
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  18. A bit of Facebragging Alex. Nothing but the truth will do for the Forum.
  19. Jim they look superb. Great size. The lobsters are not that numerous here yet, we have a meagre 1/2 kg one tomorrow .
    What price a kg did you manage to bag Those for ?

    I bought my first ever Spider crab today, delicious. The fishermen are ringing up mongers beseeching them
    To take their catch because the European market has dried up.
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  20. 82429BE6-B446-4913-A05C-4065C508A10E.jpeg looking less lively now. Don’t know the price per Kg but they were £85 for the four. About 1.25-1.5lb each, which is my preferred size.
  21. very envious, and we haven’t even seen what wines yet !

    Most people know how to sex a crab , but do many know how to sex a lobster ?
  22. Wrong thread
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  23. Umm - wrong thread I think !!
  24. Joining this thread a little late I’m very much on the side of the brown crab vs the spider. At certain times of the year (like now) I’d take the quantities of one cock and one hen mixed (I.e. 1:3 brown:white) over any seafood in the world. Spiders have good texture but not a patch on taste.

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