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  1. following on from conversation in another post , I thought there might be interest in all things pescatarian.
    I travel long distances to get the best available, and love markets abroad. Lucky enough to live by the coast too. My grandfather , had a fishmongers in Belgravia and supplied amongst others Clarence House. The interest has been passed down.

    Please join in and feel free to share all fish stories and recommendations. A few posts from this mornings visit to the shore 100 yards away.

    upload_2019-5-19_11-33-55.jpeg upload_2019-5-19_11-33-17.jpeg


    Large Dover soles now running and circa £5 each. Wild sea bass, £6.50 Lb and unfiltered skate. I bought 6 wings the size of my hand for £11.

    The fish and chips shop here in Aldeburgh had a new record queue here at Easter - 2-1/2 hours. Not as good as twenty years ago when it probably was worth the wait !!
  2. I’m very fortunate that my wife is a gifted cook who loves cooking fish in particular. Sometimes I find fish pie can be heavy going with all that mash etc so she came up with the idea of serving smoked haddock, cod and salmon with a poached egg, asparagus and pea shoots with jersey royals on the side. Worked a treat.
  3. Have bought some great cod from the beach huts in Aldeburgh in the past. Are the huts on the beach open on Saturdays and Sundays?
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  4. Looks fantastic, David. Is this a fishmonger on the shore?
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  5. Never forget the fishmonger delivering fresh fish to our house in northumberland when I was growing up. Nothing beats it! I adore all fish and shellfish.
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  6. It’s from a fisherman, who has a hut on the shore rather than a fishmonger , open weekends if the weather
    Hasn’t been unfavourable. One has to be careful, not all huts sell fish caught themselves. Indeed on has to be realistic
    People asking for Haddock etc. That said the fishmonger in town Aldeburgh Market, supplies superb quality across the board.

    Cod caught in winter November- March . soles, May -November. Crabs and Lobster April - November.
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  7. Thanks David.
  8. We stayed in Aldeburgh a couple of years ago (in the Martello tower) and found the fish top class. Have to say we thought the fish and chips were worth it but we certainly didn’t wait that long! There was a great little restaurant on the high street that smoked their own prawns which we ate at several times. The locals selling from the huts also seemed to have some really good fish.

    I’m spoiled for choice up here. We’ve a very good fishmonger about 500 yards from out flat and when in the North East the fishmonger that was Taylors on the Shields Quayside has been excellent recently.
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  9. Those Dover’s look like they need a couple of days!

    Nice thread. I’m sure there are plenty here with a love of seafood and although I’m an avid enthusiast I’m sure there is plenty to be learned from others with a similar interest.

    Fish pie last night (with the Ongrie). Cod, salmon, smoked haddock, prawns and scallops for the fish element, hard boiled eggs, parsley, peas and potato for the non fish elements.

    Make one, freeze one works for me.
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  10. I would love to find a good fishmonger within 40 miles of Sleaford. Any one know of good fishmonger in this area? Does Kings Lynn have any decent fish shops?
  11. Never mind fishmongers, have you seen any Mods about the place?
  12. My in-laws live in Ponteland and visit the fish quay regularly.Taylors can be excellent. Tony has left and set himself up next door. Amazing Turbot and Halibut if timing is right,
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  13. Cole’s. Mainly a wholesaler but they have small counter too. We’ve family in Dersingham who use them regularly and whenever we’ve visited it’s been excellent. They have also got a mobile van which might swing by closer to you.

  14. Mark, yes we even do Mods. This was along the front last year. Lots of classic rallies turn up unannounced
  15. Photograph now attached
  16. Haven’t even had a drink yet.

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  17. Thanks Uillaim. I will give them a try.
  18. upload_2019-5-19_16-22-58.png

    Tonight's diner... from the market behind. Marylebone High street this morning A fishmonger running his business with a fisherman from Kent... Always Immaculately fresh...
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  19. Antoine Songeur, a leading light in the “au naturale” school of cooking.
  20. They came all the way from Sleaford?
  21. Living in the city and unable to get out to the coast to pick up supper, Moxons have been the best I’ve found for fresh fish & seafood, I’d love to know any better
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  22. There are quite a few decent fishmongers in London and as retail customers we need to understand that they all buy from firms situated in the various markets such as Billingsgate, Brixham, Newlyn or Peterhead. Provided that the fishmonger has a good relationship with their suppliers (or as in some London cases attends Billingsgate and chooses themselves) then with the short distances and excellent distribution available in this country we should expect similar quality from any of them. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that unlike David who can buy direct from the fisherman as he lands his catch, the rest of us are in “the system”, but that it does work, we just get a marginally less good (but still excellent) product and pay extra due to the additional middleman.

    Because of this it’s difficult to see that there can be “better” fishmongers out there Simon, but there are several who will be their equal I’m sure.
  23. There are limited benefits to living where I do, but one is access to quality fish.
  24. Raw food diet.
  25. Steve Hatt can be pretty stunning too, though I wouldn't say better.
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