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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Keith Prothero, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. what a brilliant stage today in Paris-Nice and a superb ride by Geraint Thomas and his Sky team
    Should be a fine No 2 and Plan B for Sky in Le Tour !!
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  2. Gareth? Too many sundowners today Keith ;).
  3. Sad news about David Duffield passing away.
  4. Yes indeed. Used to enjoy his rather eccentric commentary
  5. Indeed. Reading his book at the moment too !!! ;)
  6. Anyone tried the new clothing line by David Millar? Just ordered a few bit. Google CHPT3.
  7. Think G can win the TdF? I'd like to see it but I'm not sure. It's going to be a tough year in the mountains if Chavez is also in the mix as well as the other big names.
  8. I think he's more likely to win a one day clsssic.
  9. What a great days racing !! Fantastic.
    Chapeau Thomas
  10. A fine victory.
  11. A great win in the face of Bertie's constant attacking (which I really enjoy watching in spite of his dodgy past).

    Henau was good back up for Thomas as well.

    Can I also mention a fantastic win for Dimension Data with Steve Cummings at the Tirreno!
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  12. That Cummings win was a bit special.
  13. He seems to excel at special wins William, an underrated talent in my view.
  14. All the more impressive because his co-escapees must have known what was coming but could do nothing about it. Almost a carbon copy of his Vuelta stag win a few years ago.
  15. Milan-San Remo this weekend right? Who's your money on.

    Of course the big ticket event is the Abu Dhabi Sport Council 76km race on Friday morning. :)
  16. Well last years winner won't be there, Degenkolb is still recovering after that horrendous accident in Spain.

    Kristoff maybe or Matthews is in really good form.

    Maybe Sagan's finally going to win a classic? Or Cancellara swansong?

    Cav isn't in top fitness.But many possible winners are
  17. Velogames league?
  18. Sounds good, anyone else?
  19. Yes - it's part of their Spring Classics set of races
  20. Hey cycling fans I'm trying to track down a book I can't remember the title but;

    It's a true story of a discraced former drug cheat pro cyclist.

    Who ends up in Africa (I think Tanzania or Zimbabwe but could be wrong) he coaches cyclists from lical misfits and outcasts ends up forming a team that enters the African tour

    The chap was on radio about a year ago Prehaps more. Some of his lads were getting looked at by euro pro teams and usa colleges

    Would really like to read the book

    Any ideas?
    Does this resinate with anyone?
  21. Found it !
    Land of second chances
    Team Rwanda and jock bouyer and it was sexual not drugs the prison term
    Off to the book shop tomorrow me thinks
  22. Broke a hub on my Zipp 202s a few weeks back, 22 months into the 24 month warranty.

    A brand new pair of wheels is on its way to me. Excellent customer service!
  23. Never had any hub issues with my Harry Rowland wheels... Modern rubbish...
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  24. Terrible news from Ghent-Wevelgem. Terrible.

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