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  1. Here comes my new favorite summer salad. Nam Tok „Waterfall“ is a classic Thai-Beef-Salad. Such refreshing and spicy, perfect for hot summer nights. And a true UMAMI bomb.


    500g Flank Steak
    3 beef tomatoes, sliced
    1 red onion (Tropea)
    mint leaves
    coriander leaves


    1 tbsp fish sauce (Red Boat)
    3 tbsp soy sauce
    1 lemon, juice
    1 tbsp sugar
    3 cloves garlic, chopped
    2 fresh red Thai chilli
    2 Bird‘s eye chilli dry
    2 tsp coriander seeds, roasted
    a few coriander leaves

    salad sauce:

    3 tbsp fish sauce
    20g palm sugar
    3 limes, juice
    1 clove garlic, fine chopped
    2 red Thai chilli, chopped
    a few fresh coriander leaves
    1 tbsp tamarind paste (no seeds)

    optional: rice powder (2 tbsp rice roasted and put in a food processor)


    1. Use a mortar or food processor for the marinade


    2. Put the meat in a plastic bag and add the marinade. Put in a fridge for hours or overnight


    3. Combine the ingredients for the salad sauce


    4. Pu the meat without marinade on a grill or hot pan


    5. Meanwhile slice the beef tomatoes and put on a plate


    6. Slice the meat thinly and add to the tomato slices


    7. Add onion slices


    8. Drizzle with salad sauce. Add mint and coriander leaves on top


    9. Optional finally drizzle with rice powder for crunch. ENJOY

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  2. That looks great, fun and easy. Thanks.
  3. :)

    P.S. I should mention that the salad is quite spicy, maybe you have to reduce the chillis. But I like it when the mouth is burning. :D
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  4. Martin, what's the distinction between Thai chilli and birds eye chilli, please? I thought they were synonyms...
  5. Matthew,

    Thai chilli are fresh and long. Birdseye chilli is dry and small. I would say fresh Thai chilli is sufficient for this dish. I am a big fan of Birdeye chilli to give a hot&spice ingredient to a dish, for example for pasta dishes etc. I am not a fan of Siracha etc.

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  6. In general these are the secret weapons in kitchen:

    Birdeye chilli
    Soy sauce
    Fish sauce (Red Boat) or Colatura di Alicis (Nettuno, Delfino) from south-Italy or anchovy
    High-quality parmesan/Peccorino
    fresh lemon juice or verjus or vinegar
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  7. Fresh bird's eye chillies are available here at oriental emporia. Sometimes we can buy mouseshit chillies too, which are much smaller and hotter.
    Verjus is rather neglected, and an ideal use for the grapes that grow in British gardens. I still have some of last year's, preserved perfectly by its sensational acidity.
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  8. Fresh bird's eyes are common in my supermarket and, when I googled Thai chilli that's what it showed which prompted my question.

    Thanks Martin.

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