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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Anderson, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Found this fun quiz. First two levels are OK (I got full marks on each one :)) but the 'expert' knowledge one was quite tricky (only managed 4/11 :().

    Games - The wines of Chablis
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  2. Tom Cannavan

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    6/6, 6/7, 6/11. Some of the last section near impossible - my 6 correct included two complete guesses :)
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  3. 10/11 - I guessed that 80% was exported...
  4. That's given away one wrong answer :rolleyes:
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  5. 5/5/5.
    Consistent :)
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  6. I think one of the answers in the beginner's section is wrong...
    I got 5/6, 3/7 and 10/11.
  7. 6/5/5 with plenty of guesses, intelligent or otherwise!
  8. 5,6,4 - fun!
  9. 6/6
    6/7 (getting wrong one of those I was confident on, and lucking 2-3 guesses)
    Didn't try the expert level as I really would have been guessing - I do know very little about the region and have drunk relatively few bottles.
  10. 6/5/6. Not bad I suppose.
  11. 6/7/8 with some guesses in the last section.
  12. The number of the beast
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  13. 6/7/10
    Got lost counting up communes.
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  14. 6/5/5 - went with the wrong choice on several questions where I had narrowed the option down to two.
  15. A steady decline - 6/5/4
  16. 6/5/11

    didnt know date of local Chablis fest and also carelessly clicked on the wrong river while perfectly well knowing the answer
  17. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    I did exactly the same - what a yawn
  18. You're looking very serene?
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  19. Tom,
    There were two in that section that cased a pause for me.I was thinking about Aligote and Sparkling Chablis.
    I was gifted some of the latter at La Chablisienne about 20 years ago though can't for certain recall the complete labelling.
    What was your area of concern?
  20. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Obviously there are lots of other wines made in the greater Chablis/Auxerrois region, including Aligote, Cremant, Irancy, St Bris, etc. but none of them are AOC Chablis which I think is a source of some confusion in this quiz - especially when it asks about sparkling wines and the percentage of red wine fron the region as far as I can recall. With a fair wind behind my guessing I would have scored 8 in the 3rd part of this, being thrown off the track by the wording of one question or second-guessing what they meant by another, but really at the level of questions in part 3, seriously expert and detailed knowledge was needed, which I lacked
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  21. So it was fairly split into beginner, intermediate and expert :)

    I did find it through the home page so knew that the whole site was about Chablis AOC, so based my answers on that. Still, it showed I have a long way to go to be expert :p
  22. Having explored it a bit more it is quite a useful site and has a good map of the vineyards and location of producers. There is also a section on restaurants and hotels which may come in handy as a stopover, coupled with a producer visit (or two).
  23. Red wine, of which there is plenty, but Tom's explanation is clearly correct.
  24. I have today seen on a local retailer list a Bourgogne rouge by Denis (Isabelle et Denis) Pommier. We really like their Chablis , so this is a must buy. I suspect it will result in disappointment, of course.
  25. 6/7/5 My guessing was on fire today :)
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