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    A forumite asked me how to delete old conversations from his inbox/conversations area.

    If you go to the Conversations main index page (where all your conversations are listed) beside each one is a small check box. Check this box for any conversation and a list of options pops up:


    There is no delete option, because obviously the other party or parties in the conversation might not want it deleted from their own Conversations list. However 'Leave Conversation' achieves the same thing and can make the conversation disappear from your list of conversations. Once you choose Leave Conversation you have two options:


    To remove the conversation from your list, but have it automatically re-appear if the other party adds a new message to the conversation, choose 'Accept future messages'. To effectively delete the conversation permanently choose 'Ignore future messages'. You won't see the conversation again, even if the other party or parties add anything new. In a conversation, once all parties 'Leave', the message will be physically removed from the database.

    Finally, note in illustration 1 above, there is also the option to apply to the action to ALL conversations: so you can effectively delete all conversation in one go if you choose too.
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