Taittinger 2012 Magnum and Preludes (Edencroft bargain)

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  1. Hi All,

    Just thought I'd make the WP collective aware of the Taittinger 2012 magnum bargain from Edencroft.

    Their standard price is £95 per magnum which is fairly decent, but if you enter the wine pages competition, you get a code that allows 15% off your first order (Win a £225 bottle of Grand Cru Burgundy). I took three magnums for £242.25 including delivery (£80.75 per magnum) which is a fantastic price.

    The 2012 vintage is the next big thing after 2008, and although it is not fair to make too many comparisons to the legend that is 2008, this 2012 from Taittinger is only a whisker behind their 2008 vintage. A 50/50 mix of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (and although not listed on the bottle, a bit of Pinot Meunier that is hiding among the Pinot Noir vines), fruit driven style with some precision. A bouquet of red plum, yellow fruits and fine toast. Supremely fresh, plenty of potential, and a good bet for the next 10 years at least. 91/100 (potential: 94/100), drink 2021-2029.

    EDIT: Additionally, Taittinger Preludes six pack (confirmed as 2012 base) comes in at £178.50 with the 15% discount.


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    Ooooh you tempter (is there a male equivalent of a temptress?) :)
  3. I have some very non-PC suggestions! :D
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  4. I thought we were the WP Massiv ?
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  5. I upgraded as I thought that this collective noun was pants, or indeed a bunch of arse.
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  6. On the Taittinger theme, the six pack of preludes with the 15% discount is very useful too: £178.50 per half dozen.
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    That would have been my natural pick; I really like the Preludes and sub £30 is a really, really good price (£45 - £50 most places AFAIK).
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  8. Damn you Mr. Pritchard. How is a man meant to curb his wine purchasing when you post such things.
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  9. Magnums of 2012 have all gone, but plenty of Preludes still. After the recent M&S episode, and now this, I must have a zillion bottles of Taittinger! :)
  10. Just a cautionary note on Taittinger Prelude which has been a staple in our cellar for years.It is a very pleasing and tasty step up from standard NV and like CH Brut should be secured when a circa 30 quid price appears.
    There is one release which is a shocker, and I bought a couple of six packs of them, and I don’t think it is the 2011 base which would be a usual suspect.
    Tyson Stelzer picked up on it (long after me) but as usual with Hatch Mansfield it is nigh on impossible to identify what batch it is, or whether it is still in the supply chain.
  11. Hi Ray,

    I think I had a couple of dodgy ones from the Tesco fire sale of a couple of years ago (L15xxxx). Other than that, as you say very reliable!
  12. Steve I went to a Tatty evening held by Amps and the chap from HM was a bit unsettled when I asked him what base year Prelude we were drinking. I didnt like to mention that Prelude was asfar as I remember always a single year though categorised NV.
    My friend and I ordered on the basis of what we tasted and Amps got the stock over the next few days from Hatch.
    I popped em away to settle but was dismayed to find that when I broached them a few months later they had a new style livery on the cap under the foil, and they were dreadful.
    Now Tyson Stelzer has a 5 point drop from the 09 to 11 base, but I was assured by the chap on the night that the one thing we would not be getting was 11 base.
    But I shall dig one out and look at the lot number to see if we can establish exactly the ones to swerve.
  13. That correlates, the late 15 disgorgements and early 16s were indeed ‘11 base!
  14. More 2012 magnums in stock by the looks of it!
  15. i though single year Prelude was the exception not the rule - the standout a few yrs back being the '04?

    Have i got that mistaken?
  16. The original one was the 1995 / 1996 for the millennium, and that philosophy was followed initially for the Prelude. Some vintages don't receive reserve wines, but I do believe you are right, some base vintages do receive it.
  17. Do we know which batch is the Edencroft Prelude? If not, in view of the above warnings, I shall give it a miss.
  18. Let me check... I doubt it is the suspect '11 base.
  19. Mark,
    I of all people would never want to be responsible for talking anyone out of Prelude at a good deal. It is a usually consistant and lovely champagne, and I doubt that the 11 base is still in the chain.
    That said the ones I got weren’t worth 3 quid and I have never gotten an answer from the distributor when on multiple ocassions I have asked this type of question.
    ....Those vintage mags are tempting me.
  20. No Ray, you are right to be cautious...
    Let’s find out!
  21. B8FA9E53-D42F-4BD9-9213-2A94E314111E.jpeg

    Steve L6239CP
    If following Pol type deciphering the poor batch were packed on the 239th day of 2016 which may make them 11 base.But its just a guess from here.
  22. Hi Ray,


    Thats 27th August 2016. But yep, after checking my notes from a visit to Taittinger: "late 15, to mid/late 16" for 2011 base, I tasted the 2012 base (disgorged beginning end of 2016). I've also tasted the 2013 base, not sure when that appeared (such a different: the 2012 being so juicy and creamy, the 2013 light and chalky).

    Is there a QR code on the back of the bottle? They used to work to reveal bottle information, although many Champagne houses forget that they are providing such things! :)

    When did you last taste a bottle?


  23. Mark from Edencroft has confirmed that the bottle codes are: L7231CX01400, so disgorged 20th August 2017, this is the 2012 base, and very nice indeed! :)
  24. Tom Cannavan

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    Good sleuthing Steve :)

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