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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Benny, Mar 10, 2020.

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  2. Cancelled apparently, as they would not be able to meet the demand.
  3. If memory serves weren't they about to launch a limited 25% off 6 just pre lockdown & 'pulled' that one as well ?

    Edit:- to add from my original post, now checking the website Sainsburys seem to instead have gone for reductions (many minimal in the extremis, if 'real' reductions at all) across 153 still & sparkling wines. Only had a quick skim looksee with nothing standing out. Is it just me or has Sainsburys wine offering deteriorated even further in recent times from a previous low 'base' ?
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  4. The supermarkets are offering far fewer promotions across the board. Expect profits to soar. Surely they’re not using Covid-19 as an excuse to turn the screw ;).
  5. None of these in Croydon yesterday, @Graham Harvey , if that's what you'd been thinking, Monsieur!
  6. I was there yesterday too :(.

    Also waiting for Cristal 2012 which I think will materialise in due course.

    Quite disappointed with the upper end of the fine wines at Croydon as they used to have Pichon Baron Biondi Santi etc etc. My best fine bottle purchase there (except Champagne) was LMHB2012 for £110 a single. Need to find out why slim pickings there these days.
  7. 5A3077F5-C023-4465-9038-18B1C4A290EE.jpeg
    Some odds and ends back at Costco from 2015 as well as some Vega Sicilia
    Quick quiz, can you tell which bottle has had the most significant reduction without looking up the prices?
  8. that would be the Lavaux I'd imagine. Whar vintage of vega? Fat chance of this round my way.​
  9. Yeah the Lavaux, the Vega Valbuena 5 is 2008 and the Unico reserva especial is a blend but of what years idk, no clues
  10. Bit of a flog off but been in two Coops in the last week and half bottles of D de Lasserre Jurancon 2015 and Ch Roumieu 2013 Sauternes both at £3.50 In the fridge, handy for a mid week cheese board.
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  11. The Roumieu ‘13 is a little gem. I had to pay a fiver, a few months ago. :mad:;)
  12. Roumieu is one of the best Petit Chateau in Sauternes IME. It is comparable to a mid to lower end classed growth I would say - more concentration and more botrytis than most of its peers.
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  13. Bar a one-off ‘01 (from Oddbins), I have followed this Sine ‘08. It has consistently over-delivered, with the bonus that it regularly (always?) turns up significantly discounted by the Co-op.
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  14. I’ve enjoyed several vintages of Roumieu and I too picked up some of the 2013 bin-ended for a fiver. However I rather fear that the Co-op (or at least our local one) has now dropped Roumieu, along with other decent wines that it’s stocked for many years, including Clos Floridene. The range on offer locally appears to have been dumbed down.
  15. hey, our shop never even stocked Floridene :). They do stock CVNE Imperiale which is currently something like £18.75, which may tempt me in despite current risks.
  16. London area?
  17. It has been several days but Waitrose has almost all champagne on sale. Besides almost all the NV sales, Bolly and Roederer magnum 25% off. You don't need to buy 6 bottles to get that discount. Laurent P. 2008, Waitrose own 2008, Pol 2012... all 25% off.
    For prestige, Pol Sir WCh down to £140, although most of stores now hold 2009, only some shops still have 2008 I assume. Comtes 2007 £106, not as cheap as the old time M&S sale but still good value.... Belle Epoque 2012 £110 and Belle Epoque 2008 magnum £206, as usual vintage depends on the shop. Others like DP08, Krug ed.167, LGD06 (haven't seen 08 in any Waitrose yet, I didn't browse too many Waitrose branchs for the obvious reason....), RD02..... all discount a bit, not too much but if you want to buy one or two fancy bottle it's a chance.
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  18. Majestic also has their "summer fizz" offer on, though must buy 6 before prices approach Waitrose Champ sale levels
  19. Are the Waitrose own label Champagnes worth a go? I see the standard NV is down to £16 and the BdN and BdB, as well as the vintage, are all around £20.
  20. As posted in weekend drink thread, I only have tried 2008 vintage, it has the 2008 quality (acidity and solid mid palate), reasonably good balance, and only £1 more than their BdN... Maybe just give it a go see if you like any of them.
  21. [​IMG] 20200526_182801156_iOS.jpg

    Costco update for those that live nearby... Domaine Charles Audoin Marsannay Cuvée Marie Ragonneau now at £15.56
    This is Farnborough, anyone have any decent updates from any other Costcos? I remember Reading used to have the odd deal.
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  22. I noticed that Cristal 08 was in my local store for 170 seems like a good price ???

  23. Sainsburys 25% off 6+ 17-21 June - obviously might be cancelled like the last two, but given the shorter notice it seems more likely to go ahead.

    Current in-store offers expire on 16 June.
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  24. M&S have some sparodic reductions at the moment. Pouilly Fume for £5, some half price Chablis, and a few others. Probably not worth a dedicated trip.

    They seem to have restocked thier 'top end' range, which had been a bit lacking since the last sell-off.
  25. Sainsbury 25% off 6+ is now confirmed. In store from tomorrow (17th) until Sunday.

    I spotted

    Bellingham Bernard series Rousanne £9 -> £6.75
    Moet £30 -> £22.50
    Lanson £25 -> £18.75

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