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  1. Just been to the massive Asdanear me for the first time since early March. A few bargains to be had:

    - Bollinger rosé half bottles £15
    - Wolf Blass gold labels (Riesling and Chardonnay) £7
    - Antica Formula half bottles £10
    - Various crappy quarter bottles (which I always buy for cooking) 75p

    Do not be afraid of the mass market brand: those WB gold labels are a hell of a lot of wine for £7, both punch well above their weight.
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  2. Among the bin-ends in Morrisons yesterday were a few bottles they’d clearly been unable to shift and so had reduced them to almost give-away level: Warre’s Quinta do Cavadhina 2004 £5 (originally priced at £27); Lustau Moscatel Emilin (half bottle) £1. The Lustau had already been reduced to £4 when I was last in but presumably that hadn’t been low enough to tempt.
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  3. Worth an essential journey.:)
  4. Single Quinta Vintage Port for a fiver??!! I do hope you dived in Colin...
  5. Our local Morrisons has Croft Quinta Roeda 2005 for £3.08 a half bottle.
  6. That’s an absolute bargain. I bought this on sale 12 months ago, but for quite a bit more.
    TN from 6 months ago.
    - Advanced colour; rather innocuous nose, subdued; more heft on palate, quiet mid-palate but good attack on finish.
    48 hours on, fleshed out , plummy. 88 points.
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  7. Krug grand cuvee 168 (2012 base) just released.... but £160?....
    I might wait for supermarket discount.
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  8. Yes, seems a tad high given these austere times!
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  9. It’s not that much more than the 167 though so I stumped up for a case. Helps to have the standing krug exemption from SWMBO!
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  10. Costco Farnborough has some 2015 Burgundy on clearance pricing, though not sure it is a h8ge saving.

    Louis Jadot: Chambolle-Musigny Les Feusselottes £59.96inc; Morey Saint Denis Clos Des Ormes £47.96inc; Pommard Grand Epenots £41.96inc

    Domaine Gaston et Pierre Ravault Corton Grand Cru Les Bressandes £41.96inc
  11. I live quite close to Costco Farnborough and have seen the 2015 Burgundy when it appeared. Is this a price change? I thought it had always been around that price but admit I didn't keep track and as they have been hanging around for a while was looking for a big reduction (Costco sometimes reduces wine silently i.e. reduce the price with no highlighted price change on the ticket)
    Not much information about those bottles in Cellartracker if I recall
  12. I'm unsure really - the exc. VAT price ended .97 which usually denotes the manager has reduced them to clear stock, though I'm not sure what the previous price was. They used to be on one of the side aisles a while ago before disappearing (down from the champagne - incidentally the DP is 2008 and Cristal 2012), and have reappeared in the open wine box section bit.
  13. Bressandes and Epenots are both £54.99 on the Costco website. May indicate a £13 discount in store?
  14. I've been avoiding Costco Farnborough but if there are wine bargains to be had I will brave it.
  15. Booths has a sale on now and there are a couple of southern French IGP reds that are great value at £6 or so and good midweek drinkers.

    Domaine Cassagnau 18 - a Languedoc Syrah/Grenache/Merlot blend

    Domaine Pontbriand 18 - Grenache with Caladoc and Marselan from Vaucluse.
  16. 20191206_183854040_iOS.jpg 20191206_183857106_iOS.jpg

    This is a pic I took in December of the Costco Burgundy and others, none of these still around?
  17. 05B74DC4-CDBB-4993-8260-A8CE3CB430B8.jpeg 2CC46D4D-F36D-4E5F-9015-C28E2B5658A9.jpeg 2E6B5379-205D-452E-A1F7-6B5608644512.jpeg FDB4E697-3007-4FEB-B652-C6E31305FF79.jpeg 415451BA-9D5E-487F-98A6-7BA802FBA7B9.jpeg 2CB5C779-9239-47EF-BE3A-F544F53DFB19.jpeg 30516434-D190-4FB9-8B3E-AE6CF69BC0DE.jpeg 5429F5D1-FC27-4E64-8075-685441A9687D.jpeg
    All of these represent discounts against the prices in January 2019. All these photo’s taken in Farnborough in January 2019.
  18. Some raging bargains there (then) ! Doubt you'd get (if they still had any now) the Ravaut wines at the Domaine at those prices. For heaven's sake the Ladoix 1er is at sub most Bourgogne Rouge pricing.
  19. I wonder if the Burg 2015 offering is more widely available in other Costco stores? This theead has made me curious...
  20. Thanks Hans and Jeremy so:

    Louis Jadot: Chambolle-Musigny Les Feusselottes £59.96inc; (was 63.58) 6% discount
    Morey Saint Denis Clos Des Ormes £47.96inc; (was 51.58) 7% discount
    Pommard Grand Epenots £41.96inc (was 47.98) 13% discount
    Domaine Gaston et Pierre Ravault Corton Grand Cru Les Bressandes £41.96inc (47.98) 13% discount

    Once they start discounting I believe they might incrementally increase until snapped up.
    Something to watch out for then.
  21. If they get to half those prices I'd be there like a shot.
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  22. Anyone know if the Sainsbury's 6 @ -25% is still on the 22-26? I fear they have pulled it again...
  23. The Corton is the price of some people's BR!
  24. Don't know yet - it should be visible online tomorrow (21st).
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  25. At Lidl:
    Ravensburg Spateburgunder
    6.99 down from from 8.99. Left over from Christmas I believe.
    Pleasant fruit forward pinot, definitely worth the money.

    Might pop back to checkout the Mosel Reisling.
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