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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Benny, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Just about yes... but will need 3 years or so to settle down.
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  2. Has anyone tried the 12 Veuve Clicquot yet, which is seemingly now available in a few supermarkets?
  3. Yes! Very good indeed, more to come on this watch this space!
  4. I understand that there will be 25% off 6+ at Sainsbury over the spring bank holiday weekend Fri 22 - Tues 26 May.
    Too early to see which individual promotions this combines with.
  5. Current promotions on individual bottles run until 26 May

    I noted
    Lanson £25 -> £18.75
    Bellingham Bernard Series Rousanne £9 -> £6.75 - consistently highly rated and a steal at this price
    Penfolds Koonunga Hill red £9 -> £6.75. As Penfolds pricing gets increasingly ambitious, this remains modestly priced and is a lot of wine for the money. Not bought recently - so can't vouch for current vintages.
  6. I have not had a recent vintage is ages but make sure it's the Shiraz-Cabernet blend.
  7. Nice stuff current vintage being sold is 2019, so a bit too super charged at the moment. It needs to be left alone for a year before drinking.
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  8. Quickly popped into my co-op today and they had Perrin Les Sinards CNdP 2017 for £20
    Tempted but have over spent this month (and every month previously) so resisted.
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  9. Spotted in my local Sainsbury's last night, no idea if a local clearance but 50cl bottle down to £5... Generally prefer other producers and a bit more age but seemed like a fair price will report back...

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  10. Waitrose sell 75cl bottles about £12-£13 I think. The 2010 got rave reviews a few years ago.
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  11. I do like BdL and it’s good value when found for £10 and under (75cl). The 50cl bottles are pretty handy too for drinking alone. £5 seems a bargain.
  12. That was my instinct too! May well be back for more once I've tried this probably Sun / Mon :)
  13. The BdL Rioja is apparently a new line; the £5 price applies until 26 May. Not sure whether 50cl bottles will qualify for the 25% off
  14. If so £3.75 per 50cl would be cracking value...
  15. I bought some of the 2010 from our local Co-Op on the strength of the favourable reviews and it was very good - especially at the price (then under £10 IIRC).
  16. Even at £5 it sounds like a fire sale price
  17. Baron de Ley have a number of reserva-like wines in their portfolio which makes things somewhat confusing. That said, I squirreled away a bottle of the reserva, either a 2007 or 2008. £5 is a great price for a 500ml.
  18. Saw the aforementioned 2015 BdL 50cl in our local Morrisons this a.m. - price £6.25 pb. Was amongst the smaller format bottles.
  19. Would be interested in a comparison note if any of you fancied taking one for the team ahead of the bank holiday deal...

    So had this with pot roast chicken tonight. Okay but nothing to write home about.
    This is red fruited but very primary, not as together as I would have hoped... Nose has cranberries and cream with a sprinkling of pepper. Given its Reserva credentials less oakiness than I would have expected. Might be an age thing but tonight this is a bit short and tart. Has been stood up for 5 days but no idea how long in the UK. Who knows if a dodgy bottle?
  20. Looks like a 25% discount extravaganza is on the cards at Sainsbury's, just noticed that bottles of the excellent Veuve 2012 have increased to 54 quid. Yikes.
  21. The benchmark pricing for VC vintage is £42.5 minus the 25% off 6.
    Yikes indeed!
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  22. There is no longer a '28 day' rule but there are guidelines as to discounting. It would be interesting to know whether thee have been applied by Sainsbury's.
  23. Just had an email from Waitrose - "save up to 25% on wines & spirits" - to 2nd June 2020.

    Very, very rarely venture to Waitrose (wrong side of town for us) & am not familiar with any 'usual' pricing. Not been thro the offer to comment on specifics other than VC isn't in it.
  24. That Waitrose email will be the usual selective discounting of wines that are priced to be promoted (and so over-priced at their full price).

    If Waitrose follow their customary pattern, the next across the board discounts will be early July.
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  25. Not much at the high end of the Waitrose offering, but it was selling fast. 240 wines on offer when I started looking 160 by the time I finished. Bolly Rose @ £37. Edinburgh Gin @ £22. Mostly their £12 to £15 range. Some wines I buy regularly but only when reduced.

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