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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Benny, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. It’s strange was in there yesterday and wine was fully stocked and today the locusts have descended, perhaps it’s the thought of having the kids at home til September :)
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  2. Opened a bottle tonight. Definitely several years too young, but equally definitely it will be a very nice drop when the time is right as all the necessary components are in place. the acidity isn't quite as searing as it is in some young Hunter Semillons, but there's certainly enough to preserve freshness. Good length, good Hunter typicity. It's a delicious wine already, it just needs some time to evolve into something a bit more interesting.
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  3. ASDA

    After failing to find the food items I was after, a brief skip through the wine isle revealed some rather cheeky deals in the everyday drinking category.

    Nicolas Feuillette NV half £7
    Wolf Blass Gold Label Riesling 2017 £7
    Errazuriz Wild Ferment Pinot Noir 2018 £7
    Famille Brocard Chablis 1er cru 2018 £8 - Didn't purchase this .........has anyone tasted this?
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  4. Good finds there Gavin. I can feel a wild goose chase coming on
    On the flip side I had a successful food shop at a Lidl store this morning (Aldi and Asda both next door had queues out of the store while this was only 1 trolly deep at checkout for some unknown reason) which was probably of more value I guess in the current climate
  5. The Brocard Chablis is a decent drop - at least the 16 was - £8 is very good price.
  6. It has been some time since I've had a Lehmann semillon. Your post has reminded me that Jancis Robinson once nominated Lehmann's 2001 Barossa Semillon as a wine of the week. I had been enjoying the wine in it's youth but she recommended that one "Drink some and cellar some" so I put away couple of bottles. I'm almost certain I have not had them but I've no idea where they are.

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  7. Quick sprint into Asda while refilling car after collecting daughter from uni, Bolly halves of rose for £15...while the full bottle was £39. Madam loves a pink bubble so took a few to oil the domestic wheels. Didn't spot the other deals so may be localised.
  8. At the risk of starting a fruitless chase my local Co-op (never normally does discounts) was flogging off Veuve C, Lanson rose and M&C for £14 each this morning.
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  9. Not a supermarket, but Howard Ripley have 15% off at the moment, I have just put an order in, not that I don't have enough Riesling but couldn't resist, the problem with online shopping, far to easy ! !
  10. Indeed - similarly I have zero need for riesling but couldn't resist a teensy bit of Wittman - and some Ziereisen Pinot.
  11. Snap they were two of mine................
  12. If the champagne figures mentioned in another thread are real, then expect very heavy discounting this Christmas. Fingers on buzzers...
  13. Christmas seems a long way off, somehow :(
  14. Don't despair Tim, Christmas decorations should be appearing in shops in September...
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  15. But will we be allowed in to buy them?
  16. In these times, the only retailers continuing to do well are the supermarkets.

    Wouldn't it be best to concentrate our sourcing of wine to the independent sector, who are struggling to keep afloat, furloughing staff and delaying paying their equally small and struggling suppliers?
  17. Several friends of mine have asked me to source some wine for them to see them through the lockdown and I’ve made a point of doing just that, Jonathan.
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  18. I couldn’t agree more Jonathan, it’s more time consuming and has proved, for me at least, a fair bit more expensive, but the produce has been of a far higher quality joined by a good feeling inside
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  19. False alarm? I would bet that 80%+ of what gets drunk by wine forum members is bought from independents.
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  20. I have just seen that Waitrose have Laurent-Perrier vintage 2008 on offer for 37.50 down from 52.

    Any views on this.?


  21. All gone on Waitrose Cellar so may be academic at this point! Galloni seemed to like it.
  22. I'm starting to dislike hearing that. I did have a vain hope that sheep-like following of wine critic pronouncements would have waned with Parker's exit, but it seems that in the field of wine critic following, nature does indeed abhor a vacuum. The market expects leadership.

    p.s. not having a go at you Jack, just venting at the hordes who follow blindly, and those that seek to profit from them (not least the critics in question)
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  23. Galloni almost never gives anything other than an enthusiastic review. Pretty useless
  24. If you have to buy LP vintage, go for uber vintages (1996, 2002, 2008, etc). These wines are so polished that they often lack personality. This release, however, is very good, and will no doubt go through a lemony-phase before toasting-up.
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  25. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the reply. I have some vouchers that would take it to around 29 per bottle. Worth it at that price would you say ?


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