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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Benny, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Well I collected my Musar on my way home from school......all 2002!
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  2. Did they check your ID?
  3. Ha!!
  4. Told you it would be between 2003 2002-2011. :rolleyes:
  5. What do I win??? :cool:
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  6. For anyone eyeing up Musar magnums via the Cellar website I had a 2011 vintage delivered today (which is actually same as advertised online).
  7. In case anyone's wondering, the Tyrrell's HVD Semillon is from 2014.
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  8. Is it any good Geordie? I picked up a bottle during the last WR offers but yet to crack it.
    Picked up a few Brokenwood HV Sem and Ghost Corner Sem (saffa)
    Should really do a tasting of the three alongside the mcGuigan bin 9000 (Asda & Sainsbury’s)
    Moss Wood Amy’s is another Sem I’ve yet to try
  9. There is quite a bit of Musar 2001 in the Waitrose at Nine Elms near Vauxhall. Hardly any breakfast cereal or pasta or loo roll but...
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  10. Can you steam off the label and use that, Tom?

    Edited to add: is 2001 Musar any good in its own right?
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  11. Sainsbury's update:- just been into our local store (smallish one, ex Kwik Save building if anyone recalls that company !) for the wife's cava. Asked about the 25% off 6. Cheery young lady on the till acknowledged that should have happened this week but its been cancelled due to the current situation. She had no idea if, and when, the offer might next appear.
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  12. Classic Musar and well worth it's money. If there is any criticism, a bit politically correct. But there is plenty of time to change that.
  13. I haven't actually cracked any of the 2014s yet. After buying six in the recent Waitrose sale I discovered that I already had six from the one before. I have had the 2010 - from M&S I think - and it was really good. Now that I've accumulated 12 bottles of the 2014 I might have to give one a go to see how far along they are.

    I've only had a Moss Wood Semillon once, many years ago, and it definitely didn't agree with me. I had been drinking a lot of Brokenwood Sems in the days preceding and the difference in style was very striking - and not to my taste.
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  14. I think WA does a better job at the SSB/SBS blend and for straight semi-lon :))) HV rules OK!
  15. Yes definitely a regional speciality. I never did attempt to get into Barossa Valley Semillon, though the Peter Lehmann one sounds worth a try (confusingly called Margaret)
  16. I've had quite a few bottles of the Margaret over the years and generally enjoyed them. There's a bottle of the 2006 sitting in the fridge downstairs - must get to it soon. Back in the day, the entry-level Peter Lehmann Barossa Semillon was one of our house whites - cheap as chips from Tesco and dangerously drinkable. Sadly, I don't see it around any more.
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  17. Same here, used to enjoy the peter Lehmann Sem back in the days.
    I recently had the last bottle of 2009 I’d been holding on to at the end of Jan. CT note:
    The last of my Peter Lehmann Barossa Semillon 2009 is full of beeswax and lime marmalade with a hint of toast.
    Used to pick this up for a song in the supermarkets but not seen it around for some time.
    Went really well with king prawn balti 89pts

    I still have a solitary 2005 to line up against a MP Elizabeth 05 some time
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  18. The Peter Lehmann Margaret reserve Semillon can still be obtained & is outstanding & a billy bargain, to boot.
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  19. Andrex is on a BOGOF at the Co-op.
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  20. TWS?
  21. Yes.
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  22. Yes, I was slightly shocked when I checked my spreadsheet and saw how much that last bottle cost.
  23. I bet Sainsbury’s are glad they cancelled their upcoming 25% offer, just been into a large store and I’d say they’re 80% cleared out of wine, I guess wine is now a panic buy necessity
  24. the mind boggles. how can people have found that much acceptable wine to buy in JS?
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  25. I assume the 20% is Champagne? When people start to buy that without a discount the end of the world must be nigh.
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