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  1. I thought this was worth a new thread.

    Waitrose have 25% off 6+ from 11-17 March in England. This is rather earlier than previously - was April last year. Also at Waitrose Cellar for the wider online-only range. Not at Ocado where the relationship with Waitrose ends later this year.

    As a reminder, if ordering for home delivery, it's the delivery date that counts. Allow substitutes and reject on the doorstep to avoid missing discount.

    Port, Sherry and other fortifieds are included. Based on previous reports, prestige Champagne and other highly priced wines may disappear from sale for the duration of the promotion.

    Unlike other supermarkets, where the general promotion stacks with reductions on specific wines, there are no item-specific promotions.

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  2. Cheers Paul

    ....and good luck and get in fast for those thinking to use delivery.
    If Ocado to my area is anything to go by, all slots this week are gone until Monday next week thanks to our COVID-19 friend
  3. Also worth mentioning that you can go through QuidCo to earn free money on any Waitrose Cellar order. Not that I work for them or anything (!), just highlighting it as I've managed to claw back around £100 so far on several wine purchases via the W Cellar website.
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  4. I've just ordered some more halves of Musar (for collection in store)...........shall we start a sweepstake on what vintage I'll end up getting??!!
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  5. Magnums of LP 2006 down to £90 then 25% of when you buy 6 :)
  6. Grabbed some Tyrrell's HVD, Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs, Clonakilla Hilltops and a few other singles - £300 all up.
  7. Does one get the discount when buying three magnums? not that I am tempted by LP.
  8. From 2003 to 2011 & any vintage in between, would be my guess. :)
  9. You do have to compare Waitrose's prices with others because they are not always the bargain they seem even with 25% off due to their ridiculously high starting prices. I mentioned in the weekend drinking thread last week that I enjoyed Cono Sur 20 Barrels Pinot Noir. At Waitrose with 25% now £15 but it is only £13 in Tesco.
  10. Thanks for flagging Paul. I just snagged six bottles of 2015 Oddero Barolo for £19.49 a bottle down from £25.99. Very good producer and good value even at the undiscounted price. One to watch in the future when they switch over to the 2016 vintage.
  11. From my previous experience, nope.
  12. Oddero have recently switched distribution to Astrum in the UK, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see any more of their wine at Waitrose. Went to a tasting of their wines last year and agree, good wines.
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  13. Went in today. Two surprises
    1) I had a quick look but didn't buy any wine. Only Musar and an NZ albarino interested us. The range holds little interest now.
    2) They had toilet roll (though apparently they've had a lot of panic buying). We didn't add to the panic, as we buy ours in bulk from Makro
  14. My money’s on 2002 still.
    I’ll have a look tomorrow to see what my local has in stock which should give a good indication
  15. Makro probably sold out. Costco same.
  16. Curious, when dire rear is not one of the reported symptoms.
  17. I thought makro went bust?

    anyhow, last waitrose 25% musar halves that arrived here were a mix of 01,02 and 03. Which made for an excellent Christmas gift for my dad seeing as he understands musar but doesn’t get through much wine between him and mum these days. Good luck!
  18. I bought my Mum a selection of halves from WSO at Xmas as alongside the Gin, Sherry and Champagne she has decided that red is back in after a jolly to Portugal. My dad got a meat box from T&G which went down a treat.
  19. I could be wrong but I believe Makro somehow merged with Bookers who are now part of Tesco.
  20. Mostly right. Globally, Makro is part of Metro AG, the fourth largest retailer in the world. They never really thrived in the UK and that part of the business was sold to Booker in 2012; Tesco (third largest) acquired Booker in 2017.
  21. Still trading as Makro, despite ownership changes. Chatting to one of their staff, it seems delivery forms the core of their business now and that makes a lot of sense. Why should a shopkeeper etc. take time out from the shop to drive over to the nearest warehouse, when that warehouse can deliver. The stock tends not to change much, so easy to have a set range they order from.

    Reading the stories of wines at Costco, Makro never threatens an outbreak of similar quality. It's probably better in a Tesco Metro than Makro.
  22. I think the discount is mixed six Thom.
    I noticed this AM that on my card I have been charged a lesser amount so suspect the LP mags are sold out.
  23. seems like reasonable value on some fizz though, have gone in for some Vilmart NV and Roederer 12... toyed with Musar but kept my focus...
  24. Morrisons sell Cono Sur 20 Barrels PN for £14 when on offer it came down to £11 ! worth looking out for.
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  25. Interesting but sadly no Morrisons anywhere near me. Looked on their website and no mention of it so assume they are out of stock. Makes the £20 price Waitrose ask before discount look rather silly.

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