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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Benny, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. You were ripped off. Mine were £19
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  2. You regularly got Double Bubble discount on Bollinger LGA at TEE up until the 2002s.

    I had Krug GC for £60 on Sainsburys Double Bubble maybe 10 years ago, £100 to £80 and 25% off 6 on top.

    The only half price Krug I got was in the Threshers/Wine Rack/Bottoms Up Millenium stock clearout back in 2001/02, Krug GC in bottle and magnum, 89 in bottle and 81 Collection if you could find a branch with any.
  3. Thanks Steve! I also do not fancy this much rose either (not bad...but I usually prefer white so cannot understand the premium). I always age my champagne following advice as I hold a few dozen bottles in the cellar.

    It is not supermarket but Edencroft has just on promotion 2 grands crus 2009 from Jadot Griottes and Echezeaux for 105£ a bottle (free freight) i.e." half price". I just ordered 3 Griottes as 1855 never delivered the 6 I bought en primeur... for info, the half price is equal to the en primeur price... in 2010... which is not bad given price inflation in Burgundy
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  4. Call the medics, Andrew's been sniffing the Ajax again! :)
  5. It was a brillo deal
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  6. That's you cleaned up on the puns!
  7. Ocado is having it again. Is Waitrose following?
  8. no but M&S might be...
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  9. I'm actually hoping ASDA will have a 25%... they've a few different Taittinger bottlings!
  10. Yes ... I could do with more wild goose chases for non-existent double discounted wine.
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  11. Do they have the Folies de la Marquetterie, Steve? I nabbed some of that (one of my favourite champagnes) from Asda at a cracking price a few years ago.
  12. Shhhh.
  13. Keep us posted before you nab all the UK allocation, please!
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  14. :D :D
  15. Thanks, Steve. It looks as though my “I’ve given up buying wine” resolution is about to be tested. And I was doing so well...
  16. At Sainsbury's, Moet vintage is down to £41 with 25% discount = £30.75.

    That Mumm CR at £17.25 looks like a steal, I'm trying to work out the lot number as we speak.
  17. Current offers at Waitrose end on Tuesday 11th June (and they never do double bubble). On past form they always have a 25% off early / mid-June so I'd say that beginning Wednesday 12th June for a week is close to a certainty,.
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  18. Current Piper-H champagnes are L19 code FWIW - 2014 base? And recent Mumm purchases were L30318 - disgorged or bottled in 2018?
  19. Agreed that PH likely ‘14. Can’t decide if Mumm is ‘14 or ‘15, but both were quite decent vintages so no concerns there.
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  20. I would appreciate if any member that spots some 2009 Grand Vintage out in the London stores could let me know. Until few weeks ago, many of the stores I regularly visit have had a mixture of 2009 and 2012 on the shelf. When the 6 x 25% off started on the 23/05 I picked up the only 2009 bottle on the shelf in Kensington (Cromwell Road) and have since visited New Cross, Bromley, Locksbottom and Orpington only finding 2012 stock... 2009 is my first born birth year so I would like to stock up on it. Thanks
  21. I await correction by the champagne experts, Pietro,but it strikes me that 09 might not be a vintage to hold until your first born comes of age!
  22. Thanks.

    As far as I know it may not be as great as 2008 or even 2012 but it is still a good vintage to rest at least for another 8 years (it would be nice to host a party for his 18th.). Prestige Champagnes (Dom, Cristal er all) will ve kept for later birthdays.

    Edit to add the thoughts of Moet Cellar Master at 2009 release in 2017: 2009 as great as 2002 in Champagne, says Moët cellar master
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  23. Not sure if you would be interested but Fortnum and Mason has 2009 vintage magnum produced by Louis Roederer, probably kind of second wine but decent enough I would assume, especially in magnum format. Now (still) £75.
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  24. In magnum maybe!
  25. I can't get the extra 25% to work on the Sainsbury's website for Piper. It have it saying £126 for 6 so £21/bottle.

    Conversely on the Tesco website the Tatty NV 25% does work so saying £126 for 6 as well

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