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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Benny, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Tried to order a dozen online but as soon as you click add, they disappear as an item. Even joined their ghastly Club Card to no effect. Grim.
  2. And we wonder why they are called T.E.E?!
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  3. Large purchases of champagne on supermarket websites tend I think to be interpreted as fraudulent.
  4. It was just the one dozen, Tom!
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  5. More than enough in my experience!
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  6. Any sign of a Sainsburys 25% jobby?
  7. Could be that the local store doesn't stock it.
  8. Just seen this on the Sainsbury's website:

    Buy any 6 or more save 25%
    For delivery from 23/05/2019 to 02/06/2019

    Add to your trolley the stated combination of products from the list below and you'll only be charged the offer price at checkout. Promotion not in all stores.
  9. Possible, but as ordering online and I hadn’t asked for a local collection...
    Has anyone else had any success?
  10. It's brilliant that they do this so regularly / I wish they would stop doing this so regularly.

    I think it's possible to hold both those views at the same time.
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  11. Hi Jim,

    I don't think they ship wine centrally anymore, tends to be managed by local stores. I'm probably wrong! :)


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  12. TEE theoretically have Bellingham Bernard Series Chenin for £7.50 and CVNE Rioja GR for £8.75 as part of the 6/25% offer. Apart from that and GM Champagnes, it's an astonishingly unattractive range.
  13. At Sainsbury’s in the buy 6 save 25% you can buy Piper Heidsieck NV for £15.75 and Mumm NV for £17.25. Don’t know how/why it’s consistently possible to buy a quality champagne like Piper at this price point (but I’m not complaining!).

    Other than that not much I could see of interest - the range is a lot better than Tesco but still fairly uninspiring. Some branches stock Bellingham Bernard Series Roussanne at £7.69 after discount.

    **Note this promotion starts tomorrow, Thursday 23rd, and ends 2nd June - I saw it on the website and made assumptions it was already happening so note if planning any champagne raids on Sainsbury’s**
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  14. All Tesco wine is delivered from store (although they do have a few dark stores).

    You can do click and collect from most larger stores. Select your collection point to a large store and the range offered on screen reflects the range carried in that branch. Actual availability isn't live, though.
  15. Some solid bounty at my local Tesco:

    Bollinger Rose NV at £31
    Tatty NV £21
    Veuve 2008 £30

    Prices after applying mixed six 25% deal.
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  16. This question is bugging me too???
  17. Tesco were, for a time, known here as The Evil Empire, reflecting their ubiquity and some people's view of their power and influence . The initialisation has stuck.
  18. Ah thanks, so now I know
  19. In the ignorance of what year they were based, I took a mixed case of Mumm cordon rouge and Laurent Perrier la cuvee champagne from sainsbury... just hope they are good...
  20. Both perfectly serviceable, particularly the Mumm. I tend to enjoy the LP blanc more than the ubiquitous rose', although I'd certainly age it for 12-36 months first.
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  21. However being known as TEE didn’t stop me and many other forumites hoovering up every last bottle of Clos de Goisses 96 for £33 pb back in the day
  22. Tell me about it!
  23. Never said I wasn’t a hypocrite. :oops::p
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  24. Jumpin' Jack Flash it's a Goisses, Goisses, Goisses
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  25. Pity I didn't catched those good old days.
    Though I still managed to get three bottles of Krug for £63 each.... not anymore!

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