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  1. True but 2 bottles of whiskey hit the minimum spend, got the voucher then the DP
  2. What is the minimum spend for the offer? I’m ... errr ... asking for a friend who is passing through Edinburgh airport tomorrow.
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  3. Now that is going to be one hell of a night!
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  4. I was thinking of mixing the whiskey with DP but thought better of it!

    I’m not entirely sure of minimum spend to get the voucher, but £220 hit the mark and £110 wasn’t enough.

    The 5% on the app applies straight away though
  5. Apparently some Waitrose restocked their Dom Perignon late last Friday and at least two of them have 08 now. Probably not many bottles though.
  6. Any sainsburys stocking DP08 yet?
  7. I'm on a whisky diet at the moment. It's going really well; I've lost two days already...
  8. I saw a 2008 box at Angel superstore around two months ago. I wanted to go check on Thursday but I jumped in Holloway road Waitrose first and luckily got what I needed/could afford so I didn't bother travel further.
  9. My order from Waitrose has just arrived.

    I got 3 bottles of the Muga Prado Enea - 2 * 2010 and 1 * 2009 :D

    And 3 bottles of Musar, all from 2003.

    Plus 6 bottles of LRA Viña Arana Reserva, all from 2011 vintage.
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  10. Is the 25% offer also in John Lewis too?
  11. Only the Waitrose in it.
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  12. Own up you lot, who bought all the Langoa Barton 2010 in the waitrose sale? I was umming and ahhing and missed it; drats!
  13. The Waitrose in Balham had six bottles of DP 08 in last week. They came in at £96 with the 25% discount. So I snaffled them up.
  14. On top of your Czech ones? :D
    I might open one of Waitrose one to see there's any difference.

    Last night 11:50 I can't resist but put in my order for 6 bottles again, all rioja this time.
  15. Yup. I opened one and it was fantastic. So six more an easy ‘yes’.
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  16. My muga rioja is 2010 :D
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  17. Re: Desroches:

    That's strange, as the bottling address is that of Centre Vinicole Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte.
  18. Ged
    You’ll be right, I was likely getting crossed with De St Gall which is the Union at Avize, started me wondering now as to which of these two does TEE’s sometime award winning own label premier Cru .
    Have you tried any of the new Delacourt M&S?
  19. Hi Raymond, no, I haven't tried the Delacourt yet. The £30 normal price for NV from Castelnau/CRVC seems a bit steep, although the Chef de Caves apparently won Champagne Cellar Master of the Year 2017, and the vintage 2004 won an IWC gold. The NV's currently on offer at £20 so I might be tempted to try one, and a vintage. One reviewer said "from a very smart house indeed" but as the bottling address is Rue Gosset, perhaps they thought it was made by Gosset.
  20. Tommy Cooper IIRC
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  21. Ged,
    A friend of mine who was a regular Desroches drinker and true De St Gall fan tried out the new NV but thought it bland in comparison to the NV Pionneers from the Co-op.
  22. Of course!

    Have a drink on me later, Mark...

    .. Screenshot_20190420-173527__01.jpg
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  23. 28 days at that price. Not a day or two. I am sure it is still applicable, if one is to complain.
  24. Of course Tesco have another 25% off promo. The bargain seems to be Veuve 08 is already £10 off at £30, so around £22.50. EDIT Spoiler alert, I may have misread the shelve sticker, online say the discounted price is £40.

    Waitrose have £6 off to £19.50 Gerald Thomas 1er Cru St Aubin, the individual ones not the blend Majestic do. Seemed too good as they have Murger des Dent de Chien 2016 in locally.
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  25. Thanks for heads up on the VC

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