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  1. And so does the website.
  2. Prado.jpg If anyone is interested, the Muga Prado Enea advertised as 2009 actually turned out to be the rather excellent 2010 vintage.

    Also the 6 Contino del Olivos (2007 - not fantastic but I love it) came in a nice wooden box too.
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  3. I am a little confused with the Chateau Musar listing at Waitrose. It quotes the 2018 vintage for the standard bottle. This is a bit of a jump from the 2011. I find it hard to believe. I would appreciate your comments.
  4. I believe Musar is aged for at least seven years before release, so that listing is just nonsense.
  5. When it comes to vintages Waitrose is a crap shoot. Saying that all the wines delivered today were correct.
  6. On the small print at the bottom of the email they sent me, but I did think it seemed a long offer. I’d obviously advise going by what the web site says.
  7. Musar on the shelf in Canary Wharf is the 2003.up to about 3 months ago, they stocked the 1999
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  8. It is still 2003 vintage around my home too. But I am not sure how long it has been on the shelf...

    And Contino del Olivera 2007 should be great, too. Just when I think about the much better vintage 2010 selling at the same price last year, I want to buy 2007 less.... Totally psycological.
  9. Ignore those vintage dates, they seem to be the year the stock landed: in a nutshell there’s been a technical ballsup.
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  10. DP 08 £114 at Birmingham airport. Sign up to the red by Dufry app get 5% off. Then u get a voucher givino 20% off so £91 all in! Enjoy
  11. Wow!
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  12. Don't you have to purchase a certain amount of goods first before getting the 20% voucher?
  13. Despite my disgust at their raising some prices before the offer, I succumbed to getting some Pierro Chardonnay and based on his Pennant (and Finnisterre offerings) took a gamble with some Robert Oatley on the QT Chardonnay too.
  14. Co-op currently discounting to £8 Perrin Les Cardinaux 2016. Excellent value for money in my opinion.
  15. Is that from experience, the 2010 being 'better' than the 2009? According to BBR vintage chart 2009 (9/10) appears to be better than 2010 (8/10), although that's just for Spain, rather than Rioja specifically. I bought some anyway as its a long, long time since I've had Prado Enea.
  16. Paul, 09, 10 and 11 are all good in my experience.
    Perhaps 10 the pick if you had to choose.

    If you like your Prado to have a traditional profile you will need to give it some time.
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  17. Just my call on the 2010 in Rioja, it was the stand out of recent vintages when we were there in October. Just seems to have a very enjoyable fruit profile.
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  18. I have to be honest Paul, I've not tried anything other than the '10 Prado. I'm basing my comment on both a) a wine friend who told me the '10 was the best vintage in a few years, but also b) a couple of people over at Muga, Haro, when I was there last October who also confirmed they thought the '10 was the best vintage in quite a few years.

    I don't think my taste buds are that developed that I could distinguish between any year, but certainly the Prado Enea is a damn nice Rioja.
  19. Sainsburies failed to honour an online order and delivery for 08 Veuve, and NV Moët replaced with Nicolas Feuillatte Brut.. errr, not like for like. The other 3 were make ups of a 6pack. All rejected and sent back. 08 Veuve still for sale online, have tried again.
  20. Lots of boxed Veuve 08 at Sainsburys Alperton earlier, if that's any use to anyone.
  21. I treated myself to a couple of bottles of Cristal 08 from waitrose (lucky as most stores have 09 now) and a mixture of Rioja and Shiraz to make up the 6. Could not resist as my wife works for them and I get a discount card as well
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  22. Hi Leigh,
    Was this from waitrose or somewhere else ?

  23. Thanks Leigh - I'm the same and sure I couldn't distinguish between an 8/10 and a 9/10 wine.
  24. Especially since those are vintage ratings!
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