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  1. naïve question - I don't think I have ever bought a bottle of wine in a supermarket in the UK - do these offers require 6 bottles of the same wine, or any 6 bottles?
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  2. Any 6 jasper
  3. I'd probably give it a miss, even in magnum. LP vintage can be decent, but stick to the better vintages (2002, 2008, 2012, etc).
  4. Six bottles of VCP 2008 duly snapped up :)

    Thank you Steve for the recco and I hope that it's wonderful juice .....
  5. :D:D:D:D
  6. Can juice be fizzy?

    Worried of Hampton :)
  7. Better than Tropicana! :)
  8. You are right to be suspicious Ray. :) Piper-Heidsieck NV was £21 yesterday before the 25% off which started today. Today it is £30 or £22.50 after the discount. Something similar with Mumm NV which seemed as though it would be £15 after 25% but also more expensive today. However the DP was there at £125 to which the 25% should apply if 2009 doesn’t make it a complete no-no.
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  9. Just to say that I expect to be going back for another top up of Veuve 2008 but will be hoping to leave them alone for a while.
    They were very enjoyable a few months after launch and stayed in a nice place (hence my need to top up) but the last bottle I had about 3 months ago was moving into a different phase and whilst still enjoyable not so exuberant as early doors.
  10. Disgusting behaviour from Waitrose.
  11. Nigel,
    Yesterday Sainsburys online price for P-H was indeed £30 less the 25% promo whilst at the very same time in store was £21 but no promo as it had not commenced in store.
    I think the 08 DP at Waitrose is worth the extra fiver headline price compared to Sainsburys 09, but the 08 is so tight at the moment the 09 may well be more pleasurable at present.
  12. This used to be illegal - discounted percentages had to relate to a ticket price which had been in application for a certain period of time: is that no longer the case?
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  13. Jasper

    Unless the situation has changed since I retired 5 years ago the higher price had to have been on offer for 28 days in the last six months. That said you could disclaim it by saying price charged for a lesser period or in an expensive branch etc. I think you'll find most of the higher prices were listed for 28 days if only to show a great bargain when the discount period comes along.
  14. I think Waitrose is likely to be too wily to be caught out on the legalities but it's always possible someone screwed up
  15. Sainsbury’s in Fulham had DP08 earlier today but now all gone
  16. just bought some more Lanson 2008. It was reduced to £30 before the 25% off so, I think, a bargain at £22.50. They had a sole bottle of DP2003 on the shelf
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  17. DP03? Was it just an empty case (and 09 in the stock room)?
  18. It was an empty case. I didn't ask. Was at the back of my mind as to whether they might have 08 in the stock room! I'll find out
  19. My local winerack have a few everyday wines reduced including Brancott letter series R sauvignon/gris and T Pinot Noir at £5.99, Steingarten at £6.99 and St Hugo Cab Sauv at under a tenner.

    Didn't want to mention it but they also have Heidseick Monopole at £12.99
  20. That's still a no from me! :)
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  21. Can't find mention of this (sorry if someone beat me to it) but Waitrose has a 25% off when you buy six bottles or more of wine and Champagne (online and in store...bottles must cost £5 or more) which is on until midnight 30 April.

    I don't bother now, but I used to buy Comtes (though not as cheap as the M&S deal was) and Stéphane Ogier Côte-Rôtie quite regularly. The store range is not what it was, but the basement at JL on Oxford St, and Canary Wharf Waitrose, both have some good fine wines still.
  22. David

    Where did you see the 30th April date? I ask because when I went on the Waitrose Cellar website it says on till 16th April.
  23. The Jean-Jacques Girardin 1er Cru Les Lavieres jumped out at me.

    Any thoughts from those familiar with it would be much appreciated. I am hoping it's the 2015 but who knows when it comes to Waitrose...
  24. I wouldn't call the Steingarten or the St Hugo Cabernet everyday wines but, at the prices you quote, they certainly could be your everyday wines. I once scored a bunch of Steingarten for even less and thought I had an everyday riesling on hand but a couple of quick bottles later it morphed into a cellaring wine.

  25. The at store posters gives 16 April as the promotion end date.
    Had typed in a hurry so edit applied to correct shocking grandma:D
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