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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Benny, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. The 'competitive offers' thread is becoming very long, so I thought a new thread specifically highlighting supermarket promos might be useful.

    First of the year for 25% off 6+ at Sainsburys running from 22-25 Feb

    Some worthwhile savings on Grand Marques
    - Moet £28 -> £21
    - Bolly £34 -> £25.50
    - Mumm £25 -> £18.75

    If ordering online, remember
    - *Delivery* must be inside the promotion window
    - To protect the discount if anything is out of stock, allow substitutes and reject any when delivered.
    Some stores offer click and collect, which involves drawing up at a parked delivery van!
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  2. Thanks for the headsup for Sainsburys.... I have £300 worth of nectar points that need using! :)
  3. As predicted.... DP is now £130 prior to any discounts (£10 increase). Potentially a good price still for DP '08, made the DP '09 at the local Sainsbury's slightly unattractive (given I have numerous bottles from previous discounting episodes).
  4. Thanks, Paul. I remember a brilliant bottle of Mumm a couple of months back but I am sufficiently doubtful of my objectivity to know whether it is worth repeating; there is no question that it was enhanced by very considerable thirst., and is often said of food hunger is the best sauce of all.
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  5. Its a decent glugger, serve well chilled, and enjoy in large gulps.
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  6. LPR -£36; Lanson rosé £21.75.
    Dr. Loosen GH Kab ‘15 £7.87, all net.
  7. Gilles Barge Cote Rotie Le Combard 2013 £21something at M&S, even though it said £30 on the shelf label.
  8. I ordered from Sainsos for delivery today. I had an email early this morning saying they’ve cancelled my order and then a text later on to say they are coming to deliver between 1pm and 2pm.

    If it is cancelled this is the third time in a row they’ve cancelled such an order.
  9. ???
  10. Marks and Spencer in Brighton currently has in their 1/3 off offer hospices de beaune Volney Cuvee Blondeau 2015, works out as £43.33 a bottle and if you have one of their £5 vouchers they are giving out now as I had £38.33 looks like a good deal
  11. I ordered 6 bottles of the Moet 2009 from Sainsburys at £33.75 per bottle net. 6 bottles of the 2012 arrived so probably a result!
  12. correct!

    My local one had lanson 2008 for 35 quid less 25% which is a decent (if long term) bet
  13. Just spotted this as well and was going to post but first wanted to ask if anyone has actually tried one of the for m&s hospices de Beaune? Can't find much online.
  14. Walking through small local M&S which seemed to have little of interest I spotted a Xinomavro 2016 by Thymiopoulos for IIRC about £7 after discount (can't find receipt for some reason). Young Tom C of this parish reviewed a 2017 Jeunes Vignes Xinomavro by the same maker Going Greek with Borders Wines | wine-pages although this says the M&S have created their own blend...will try a bottle shortly with BBQ sausages (!) but no great risk attached.
  15. I haven't but I've had a good number of Lucien Le Moine bottles and wouldn't get very excited about them though at half the discounted price this would be fun.
  16. The 2014 Meursault was stunning a few weeks ago. Not tried that Volnay though
  17. And very pleasant it is too. Light in body, squeaky red fruit with lots of acid, no oak, excellent mid-week food wine for not a lot of dosh. Will pop down for a couple more at this price.
  18. E3CE9533-D405-4E67-B361-76D46EE63496.jpeg M&S 1/3 off continues. This Tawny seemed too good a deal to refuse, £35 down to £12
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  19. My best achievement courtesy of my wife’s eagle eye in M&S two months ago was two bottles of Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2006 at £37.50 each. Marked down from £120 to £50 on the shelf, they were further reduced at the till. Doubt it will ever happen again.
  20. Lidl Colomban - Muscat de St-Jean-de-Minervois (half bottle) is only £4 in their wine clearance section.
  21. F6651772-6774-4B06-B6F5-7D0B2157A1CD.jpeg 5E327488-C5A2-47E7-AC96-FE24EEB80633.jpeg Further M&S bargains which I’m beginning to wonder are mispriced as they are more like 2/3 off than the current 1/3 deal.

    Port £30 down to £10

    Cluver Riesling approx £12 from memory down to £4, we had one last night and very pleasant it was. 10.5% ABV, off dry but suitably refreshing.

    Camel Valley Brut £27 down to £9

    Sadly no Comtes in sight!!
    Plenty of the 20 yo Tawny still on the shelves from previous post.
  22. The web-site gives no clues. Do I detour half way across Poole/Bournemouth, this evening, on yet another Forum inspired wild-goose chase? :eek:
  23. It is usually in the very big M&S stores with extensive food and drink selections that you tend to find ridiculous bargains as they are the only ones who occasionally stock higher-end wines you wouldn’t normally expect to find in a supermarket.
  24. I was passing through M&S in Tunbridge Wells on Friday and they had a lot of interesting stuff. Picked up Dom De La Pinte 2016 Chardonnay for £11. They also had magnums of chavy-chouet’s Bourgogne Blanc 2014 and 2015 on the shelves for £24. Roberson are selling bottles of the 2017 for £23 so it's about half their price. I have had the 2016 and it’s excellent.
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  25. My local M&S has Bichot 2016 Hautes-Côtes de Beaune. Likely to be any good? £16.50 I think.

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