Such sad news on Andrew Fairlie

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Tom Cannavan, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Terrifically nice guy and chef/proprietor of Scotland's only 2* restaurant, has stepped down from his role having revealed that he has a terminal brain tumour, which doctors say will not respond to fruther treatment. He is 54.

    Photographed at the wonderful Clos Ambonnay vertical in at Gleneagles in summer 2015.

  2. Very sad news.
  3. Yes he seems to have had quite a time of it but remains upbeat from what I read today. A cracking restaurant which I enjoyed a few times. Very sad........
  4. What terrible news. I first came across Andrew when he did a lunchtime demonstration at Ferrier Richardson's Eurasia restaurant in Glasgow in the late 1990's. He was so understated and yet so brilliant. At that time he was at One Devonshire Gardens where he had a fabulous reputation and the food was superb.

    We were quite regular visitors to his fantastic restaurant at Gleneagles and had a number of opportunities for a chat about food (and wine!).

    We also bumped into him once at CDG when he was on his way home from his annual "fact finding" trip to Paris. I swear his "Panache d"Agneau" at Gleneagles bore a striking resemblance to a dish we had in Taillevent!

    I know he had previous battles with at least one brain tumour but he has always remained incredibly upbeat.

    The antithesis of the modern celebrity chef he simply poured all he had into one restaurant and made it the best it could be.

    Let's hope stepping back from the stove gives him lots more time.
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  5. What sad news :(
  6. Sadly it is all too common, or at least in my recent experience I have two clients who have brain cancer and it can be a bit of a roller coaster but sometimes they can still eek out 12 to 24 months depending on diagnosis and get to tick through their bucket list.
  7. Very sad indeed.

    We have very fond memories of his restaurant at Gleneagles and dining there was always a privilege. He was a hugely talented but unassuming gentleman.

    I didn’t know he was at One Devonshire prior to Gleneagles. I used to stay there regularly but I think it would have been when he had just opened up in Gleneagles.
  8. Very sad news, indeed, but he has been fighting this for quite some time, unfortunately. Loved his understated approach: no frothy search for the limelight of "celebrity"; rather he was celebrated for his talent. Always a real pleasure to eat in his restaurant (s).
  9. Tom Cannavan

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    Yes, I ate Andrew's food at One Devonshire, but didn't meet him until years later. Certainly a dining light of the Scottish scene for decades. Let's hope what ever time he has left is wonderful.
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  10. And so close to the news that Gerard Basset (Sommelier and hotelier) probably has terminal/incurable cancer. The couple of times I met him at Terravina he was lovely and very helpful.
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    Andrew, yes I spent five days travelling with Gerard in Portugal and Madeira just a couple of months ago, and we talked about his illness briefly. He certainly knew he was not clear of it, but I understand the picture is now very bleak. He is genuinely such a lovely man. A fond memory will always be this pic I took of him and Michel Bettane enjoying the sunshine as we waited for lunch to be served after a tasting in Madeira.

  12. We learnt about Gerard illness last Christmas (we had been staying there for my birthday, for several years). Nina was an absolute trooper running the show by herself. Understandably, they changed how the business was run from the start of the year. We have known him from his earliest days at HdV Winchester. It is very sad to hear that Gerard's health has deteriorated further.

    Love the photo, BTW.
  13. I don't know Andrew at all but such news is always sad, and so unfair. But I did know Gerard's illness had become probably untreatable now, and that is also a very sad situation.

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