Still hooked on Muscadet!

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  1. Not quite the real winter up here yet (shudder) but nice enough to open my 2nd Ramee!

    TN: 2010 Chereau-Carre Muscadet de Sevre-et-Main Chateau l`Oiseliniere de la Ramee, Loire Valley.

    Stunning, has held up so well. Lemony nose with some white fruit tones. The color is mid lemon I would say, very bright still.
    Initial entry thought is wish I had more but then `13/`14 is in the cellar already..$22 Cdn. Quite tangy with saline tone, nice length and no decline over 3 days. Went well with pork tenderloin scallopini and shrimp in a thin cream sauce and smoked sweet potatoes..
  2. Bob, no-one else here seems to like Muscadet but I do!

    I must confess the Muscadet available from Aldi is a steal at £4.49 if ever you fancy a good accompaniment to a fish supper (this happened recently!).
  3. Graham,

    Meet the King of Muscadet, our very own Jon Bubb.
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  4. No Aldi up here in the frozen north Graham!
  5. I like Muscadet, and so I'm embarrassed to say I have none in my house right now!

    Actually rectified it a bit last night as I asked for some to be put in an order I'm due to collect in a couple of weeks (some Gneiss).
  6. Yes my Muscadet stocks are low too . Where can one buy Domaine de L'Ecu nowadays ? I used to buy it from Artisan Wines but they are defunct .
  7. The Coing muscadet from the Sampler (some with many years age) have been very pleasing over past year or two, likewise the Chasseloir from TWS.
  8. I second the Coing, which indeed Alistair put me into after he brought a bottle to Oddities many moons ago.
  9. Coing is always on my shopping list!
  10. Changed vintage after the 2010 a few weeks ago but my 2009 Oiseliniere de la Ramee did not seem to be up to par. Just opened my 3rd and last bottle so heres hoping. Nose is a lot more aromatic this time around so stay tuned!
    ..if it is up to the 2010, I will be a happy fella.
  11. Just about to open my 3rd 2010 Comte Leloup du Ch. de Chasseloir. A previous bottle in `15 did not deliver imo.
  12. Minor crisis: we’re down to 4 bottles, in total. Fortuitously, Le Tour passes nearby, this year.
  13. 6 bottles of Chateau de la Mercrediere at Seckford, likely to bring back at Christmas...
  14. Interesting thread for me as I got back last week from a three day trip to Muscadet (me and 19 “froggie” friends) which totally changed my view of this seriously under-rated appellation. Stunning quality for the price, poorly represented in the UK.

    Ch. De Coing was one of our visits and has some super wines but my personal favourites in no particular order, of the Sevre et Maine sur lie, were Bonnet-Huteau Les Dabinières; Domaine de la Pepière; and Luneau Papin. All 2017, just bottled but good for two or three years I’m sure.

    Of the village cru wines I tasted, there are many different geological structures in this region but my personal preferences seemed to favour granite on the whole, and I really liked the wines from Clisson. But of the 70 or so wines we must have tasted I ended up with a selection from recent years: Huchet, Jérémie, Clisson; Haute-Févrie Chateau-Thébaud; Domaine de la Pepière Monnières Saint-Fiacre; Pierre Luneau Papin Terre de Pierre. These are great now but will be suberb in a few more years if I can manage to hang on to them!
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  15. Sounds like a great trip. I’ve not been for 2-3 years but am eyeing up a return.

    The good ones age forever (25-30yrs easily). And I’ve not had a poxed one yet !
  16. Very useful, thanks...may be helpful that the Coing 2005 is still standing and the 1996 is glorious (though needs drinking straight after opening...but 20 year Muscadet, who knew?), so the very best may last much longer than we think...
  17. Coing features in my cellar from time to time. L-Papin too of course.
  18. At Ch de Coing we tried a Comte de St Hubert 1996 that was just glorious..we tried 2 other wines 20 years+, one at Domaine Landron which was sadly oxidised, and one at L-Papin which was probably the wine of the trip (second bottle, the first was corked)

    I have to say that the sweet spot for me personally is about 8-10 years, these higher end Muscadets could have been sitting on their lees for up to three years before bottling so I'll try to drink mine within 3-5. The standard Muscadet de Sevre et Maine sur Lie does 6 months sur lie.

    (Domaine Landron also do fabby wines, unfortunately we visited shortly after lunch on a hot day so my taste buds were totally f****d...I don't know how those of you ITB manage it!)
  19. Can't beat a good Muscadet - we used to holiday in Brittany every summer and I struggling to spend more than 4 euros on really good stuff!

    I found a bottle from 1990 in some random wine shop - the guy let me have it for free. It was wonderful. Nutty, yet still fresh.

    Hmmm..... gonna get some on the way home tonight..
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  20. They can sit on their lees for much more than 3 years! Try a Bregeon long lees aged wine - they are spectacular. I think the last one that he released was 7 years. They then age glacially in bottle. Too slowly one might argue.
  21. I have some Dom de Haut Bourg ‘06 which was bottled 10 years after the vintage.

    Oops typo. Amended from 20.
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  22. I love Muscadet. In fact, I just placed an order of a few bottles right now. Keep it up, Bob.
  23. TN: 2010 Chereau-Carre Muscadet Cuvee des Cepes Centenaires Comte Leloup Chasseloir..

    Third bottle of 3, well soaked cork, opened 30 mins, see previous CTs.
    Still shows a lemony green tinge, nose mineral tones but slightly vegetal so not a good sign. Some do age however but guess depands on storage.
    Pear, mineral, citrus on the entry but short finish and not a great showing. Shrimp kebabs helped somewhat but not too profound.
  24. Archives.

    TN: 2012 Grand Fief de la Cormeraie Muscadet de Sevre-et-Maine Sur Lie.

    First bottle of two, purchased say 3 yrs ago, $26 Cdn. Good natural cork, 12% alc.
    Took a good hour to open and show its stuff! Light golden color, closed nose at first but then minerals, lemon, melon and pear..really shone on day 2.
    Dry as I expected, mineral tones on entry. Nice acidity, good balance still, citrus finish with apple and pear, "enough complexity?" from across the table. Think best to drink now, went well with sauteed pork dumplings.
  25. It's funny, isn't it. When the king of a small country turns up, he's royalty. But bring Muscadet to the wrong occasion, and it's not seen as royalty, I'm told. I'm the king of Vivarais and Donzere, myself.

    Anyway, some of the Muscadets at TWS look to me to have been bought when the pound was stronger, and some years ago. Bargains now, I wonder?
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