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  1. Fabulous brewery IMO and their JHB is sensational too.
  2. The own label Citra - and, even better, the Double Hopped Citra IPA - Oakham make for M&S are two of the best in that supermarket's estimable range. JHB might be my favourite British ale of all - but then I've been fortunate over the last 15 years in having 3 different locals where it is the house beer.

    Prompted by Rob's original post, I've done a certain amount of empirical research in the name of science down the supermarkets over the Christmas holidays and was generally impressed both by the diversity and average standard - arguably better now than it's ever been? Favourite bottle by some distance was a new one on me - Badger's Cranborne Poacher - a pleasingly chocolate malty ruby ale with an intriguing tang of damson - like an old fashioned ESB but slightly drier and spicier
  3. Is there an accurate website which might advise an interested party where JHB might be on tap in zone 1 (or elsewhere?)

    Would be most handy!
  4. Oaka at The Mansion House, 48 Kennington Park Lane is an Oakham tied pub and has a pretty full selection of their beers on tap and for take home.
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  5. The brewery will likely advise as well Neil, but you probably knew that ;)
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  6. Much more to Alan's taste will be tonight's Kernel Brewery Export Stout, London 1890, 6.8%.
    Rich,dark and malty with a hint of chocolate sweetness, a surprising match for a horribly inauthentic Pad Thai type beef stir fry with decent chilli poke.
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