NWR Social distancing - how are you coping? [Covid-19]

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Jason Michelle, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. With so many of us now working from home etc, what are you all up to?

    I’m used to working from home a few days a week but full time WFH is quite different!

    I travel internationally a lot as part of my job and obviously that’s completely come to a halt.

    Easter family holiday cancelled.

    Kids bored. One of which is due to take her A levels in June so obviously we are awaiting more clarity around how this will now move forward in terms of Uni places etc.

    I’ve got a couple of personal goals to keep me busy. One is to lose a few pounds now I’m not travelling and eating out... set myself quite an aggressive target!

    Second goal is to install a glass wine wall/room. Bought the bits off EBay from someone who was dismantling one (glass, conditioner etc). Unfortunately the oak racking didn’t survive so I’m having that made through Wineware.

    Over to you...
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  2. Times crossword.
  3. Very large backlog of good movies to watch with the kids......plus French homework!!!
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  4. I must admit to some genuine anxiety (which is hugely unusual for me!) but on the plus side this means I've really lost my appetite, and don't fancy any wine either for now. So I'll go with losing a few (quite a few) pounds as well.

    I'm lucky enough to be able to continue to work from home, although as a contractor I don't know how long that may last. We'll see. From next week work, along with doing some home-schooling and getting the whole family out and about for walks, bike rides etc most days (we're quite rural) should keep us fairly busy.

    We're also teaming up with another family we're very good friends with. Their kids are in the same classes at school as our two and get on really well. So, we're thinking of making an agreement whereby the eight of us mix freely together, but severely restrict any interactions with anyone else outside the group. I know it's not in line with the guidance but it seems reasonably sensible and will keep us all sane.
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  5. Upside
    No children to worry about, no ageing parents to worry about, plenty of space here with a large garden and at least for now possibility of solo walks in the hills. Enforced leisure means catching up on backlog of tasting reports, preparing Inside Burgundy 2 etc. Plus plenty of wine, food, books, cats, firewood. Many fewer people on the road outside
    Events cancelled, tastings cancelled, almost all my revenue sources cancelled and can no longer oscillate between UK and French homes. Plus worries for everybody's health, bigger picture etc.
  6. A la recherche du temps perdu. 4AD676CB-1457-4EFE-BD15-47DAC53F4887.jpeg
  7. In France we are only allowed out of the house in quite restricted circumstances and must carry a signed 'attestation' with us explaining our business.

    Sema and the boys havent left the house (and garden) all week, I've been making trips to the shops and running, though it seems we are now only allowed to run close to the house - the Quai on Bordeaux is now 'interdit'.

    The boys have coped quite well, the older two have been exercising via Zwift riding Sema's bike (Zwift is a great virtual cycling 'game' but it does require proper hardware - we luckily discovered that children can have free accounts - its motivating). The youngest is 7 and going a little mental now. He has created a 'stress box' which he goes to stab with a pen! So we will take him out to scoot around he block.

    Homeschooling is going well but with three boys on different courses and timings its pretty much a full time job for us to supervise and assist. The school had some time to plan so communications etc are clear, they have online chats with classmates and teachers every day.

    We are getting deliveries as normal and public transport is running on a very reduced service, I spotted our 'regular' bus drivers waiting at the start of the route yesterday so bought them all some goodies, but they had gone when I got back they had all driven off.

    So far I have managed to maintain my 10,000 steps a day and if anything fitness is going up through focussed Zwift sessions.

    Luckily the weather has been good so we can open up the house, it really helps feel less restricted.

    Bon courage to all!
  8. We live fairly remotely and I work from home so not a huge amount that will change for me. I’m still planning on going out running and cycling, although by myself if with family members rather than with a club. Subscribed to Sky Movies last night, two months for £2. Obviously foreign holidays have been scuppered but we are undecided about the ethics of going down to Cornwall at Easter, we could still isolate as a family unit whilst there.
  9. What exactly is a blood orange martini?
  10. Many thanks for your heads up re free child Zwift accounts. Duly sorted for my youngest.
  11. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Business as usual for me in many ways as I am working alone at home 9 - 5 for 80% of the time anyway. However the other 20% of tastings, travels, talks and meetings has totally ceased for now, so how will I feel about 100% daytime isolation? Probably not too bad. My daily routine includes walking through the botanical gardens to shop for dinner, and that is not changing, and for now we can still escape to our place on the coast for weekends. All in all, the situation is OK, though I would prefer if both of us were working from home - not just for the company but to downgrade the risk some more of infection being brought in from outside.
  12. It’s a great idea. They had been using my account and then deleting but this is much more motivating. It takes a while to set up as manual. They got back to us within 24 hours though.
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  13. CE2A7BDB-5B1B-46F7-9B5D-D89A55BED557.jpeg

    It's not very social thai style...
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  14. I'm working from home, where I live alone. I am something of a lone wolf but being at home alone all this time is proving difficult. I do miss office banter, as well as football, cinema, tastings, offlines and concerts.
    My team at work has an hour long catch-up on skype each morning, which helps. I'm also going for a walk each day and keeping in touch with friends. Otherwise, I have my CD collection, DVDs and satellite TV. And many bottles of wine. So no excuse really.
  15. spring cleaning the back yard; dog walking; and painting the kitchen cupboards today...our house is going to look so spiffy with all our surplus energy but we won't be able to invite anyone!

    A pal of mine recommended a home Pilates App but I've lost the details....any suggestions?
  16. Let us hope that the 'nothing to see here' brigade are swiftly proved correct. I would be a bit surprised, though.
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  17. just invested in a peloton bike. You can just sign up for the app though and that has loads of online classes incl pilates, yoga, aerobics etc etc etc
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  19. I'm in the same situation as you David. Physically fine but living on my own and WFH is having its mental strain. The 'zoom app' work meetings have really helped. Now that going to the gym is coming to an end, I'm going to have to walk / cycle instead, at least it is now spring so this should be much easier to achieve. Counting my blessing, I at least have a small garden and as warmer weather arrives I can see a chat with the neighbours over a glass of wine happening ;)

    Music wise, I'm in to the electronic variety and many DJs are now starting online streaming parties! As the Chinese say we are living in interesting times. Anyway everyone take care and have a good bottle (or two) of wine this weekend.
  20. Yes, I have a recipe against Covid 19:

    Every morning, I eat ultra well done Epoisses and crunch 2 garlic cloves... it does not kill the virus but I noted the British keep away from me...:):cool::p
  21. Anyone tried a zoom offline?
  22. I wonder whether it is feasible, even if it is desirable, to require social distancing for a full year which is what government advisers are calling for.
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  23. If it happens it will result in a psychologically remoulded society in a way not seen outside of wartime. Certainly interesting.

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