Slurping Claret For Christmas Suggestions?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by jonathan lumb, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Does such a claret exist these days per case £200 all in?

    Suggestions most welcome!
  2. Papa Clement 2013? ;)
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  3. 2012 Capbern
  4. Clos eglise 08 is about £12 a bottle. (I presuming by case your thinking 12)
    Some cruzelles would fit - Durantou does a couple of decent ones. La Chenade I like which may be above budget.
  5. Is that bottle of L'Eglise a 1/4 bottle! I thought it about £40-50.
  6. Yes your right Gareth but was sure I’d seen it recently looking st sub £25 Bordeaux. Possibly an error, and I’d probably dismissed as one of those similarly named types. I had to double check Tour Canon knowing Croix is the second wine,
    2008 Clos l'Eglise (Pomerol), Pomerol | FINE+RARE Wines

    It has made me do a search from lowest value of 8 years plus and a 2006 Marjosse at £28 for 12 !! Never heard or had it but fun to look over on a Sunday morning.

    2011 Bolaire at £79 per 12 and 2007 Fonreuad at similar. I think I’ve had the latter but never heard of the others.
    Must be a few decent drinking gems in there though.

    My value Bordeaux’s I’ve have in stock are Cruzelles, Poujeaux , cabanne and Chenade (though think cruzelles is best of the 3 lower Durantous I’ve had)
  7. Surely it is the 2nd wine of Clos L'Eglise at that price?
  8. Another merchant has a half case for £70..............:rolleyes:
  9. Second the vote for any Capbern, 2009,20110, or 2012

    Think BBR has 2015 last time I looked too
  10. Well I've enquired about the Clos L'Eglise 2008. Remarkable value if it is really available.
  11. Now unavailable Gareth
  12. I was going to suggest Lanessan 2003 as I currently have a glass and it’s really, really good. However a) I can’t find any, b) Lanessan now seems rather pricey and c) if you had a case you’d probably have difficulty putting the corkscrew down.
  13. I'm with the Capbern crew. 2009 is mature and ready to go .. 2014 is crunchier & more primary, but delivers pleasure if decanted
  14. Let’s hope that’s because I’ve snaffled it ;)
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  15. Turns out I have a full case of Capbern 09!

    Also going to get a case Fourcas from Farrs too.
  16. Argadens Bdx Superieur 2014. Usually about £12 per, all in. Incredible good value, restrained old school. Its on our Christmas day quaffer list.
  17. Totally agree, Paul...had a bottle (served blind) last week in our Ottery offices... completely blew away the team. Proper 'claret' and not overtly old-school really. Lovely texture and finish. Excellent value - especially if you're not too bothered about not serving a 'name' but just putting a smile on friends' faces!
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  18. Just opened the first of a case of Fonbel 05 which is in a great place.
  19. Anyone looked at a Couhins Lurton Rouge 09 yet?
  20. Thanks, Ian. I have a dozen in storage. Early in drinking window great place or in a great place now and pull out and drink up?
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  21. Neil

    Not my normal tertiary Bordeaux preference, but certainly open for business (I decanted in advance) and the tannins have integrated nicely so not overly 2005. It’s developed beyond simple primary flavours and was very much enjoyed by the non geeks at dinner Saturday.

    Stored at Seckfords from ep.

    Hope that helps.
  22. How are modest 05s generally?
  23. Alde way drunk mine, and totally agree. Have two of the 2010 which promises much. Hidden gem.
  24. Also any Fronsac. Higher merlot content means easier to approach earlier and great slurping.
    Dauphine, Mazeris, and Renouil all great names.

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