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  1. There do seem to be a few (albeit thin) silver linings in these darkening times:

    - climate change. Far too early for any meaningful data but the much reduced travel must have some benefit
    - air quality. Ditto, although we've already seen satellite images of parts of China showing reduced air pollution

    Anyone care to add to the list?
  2. Less Eastenders.

    To qualify before causing outrage I mean the soap opera!
  3. When out for my one daily walk it is beautifully clear and peaceful.

    I'm hoping a lot of people experience this and decide they'd like to be a bit less frantic post-lockdown.
  4. I'm sure fewer cases of flu and other diseases/viruses.

    A chance for people to focus on what's important. Health, relationships, sustainability.

    Less focus on status, conspicuous consumption. Maybe conversely, possible bargains in many areas in future.
  5. Taking an hour to drive from N1 to Surrey on Sunday to ride solo when it would normally take two - traffic levels back to what they were in the 1970s.

    Maximising activity does not necessarily maximise inter-temporal welfare. Unfortunately high levels of activity have been underwritten with high levels of debt. The crisis has exposed how fragile the underlying system remains. We may get away with it this time with bailouts, but the system is unsustainable. The next generation will have to fix the system we have messed up.
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  6. Mark, we understood - otherwise you would have said Fewer Eastenders
  7. ....Well Greta Thunberg has self isolated, having decided she had likely had the virus following a trip around Europe.
  8. I think and hope people might start being a bit kinder to each other both on the personal and societal level after the headlong charge into insanity of the last few years. A chance to reflect soberly upon what we have become may be salutary, and as I pointed out on another thread this crisis shows just which members of society really keep it going.
  9. As responsible an act as one would expect from that contemporary paragon.
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  10. No planes overhead in the mornings - I'm near the flight path into Heathrow and there's normally one about every minute early on. Other than that I'm struggling.
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  11. Is it too early to speak of a resurgence of respect for experts?
  12. The inspiration to discover new foods (depending on what weird stuff is left at the market) and how to cook using all the left overs.... (insert 'oooh, it were better in t'old days' quote from your grandmother here)
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  13. Whilst out for daily walks, almost everybody is being incredibly friendly (saying hello, how are you) and equally polite (e.g. thanking me as I walk into the middle of the road to maintain distance).

    Who ever said society was broken?!
  14. Exercising a lot!

    Higher intensity than normal, the software I use has me at just about my fittest ever.
  15. Anything to stay in the news.

    Corona is the new Lyme disease for celebrities and Tweeting-twits.
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  16. I was going to say that the fact that Greta Thunberg had vanished from the news was a silver lining, but I note that she’s back in the headlines.

    Edit: Snap, Ed.
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  17. Hoping everyone will maintain better adherence to basic hygiene.

    Like how to wash hands properly, use hankies when coughing or sneezing, etc. Always used to shudder at public toilets as many blithely walked out without going near the basins.

    This would reduce infection rates for more than COVID-19.

    Sorry if this is GOM stuff!
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  18. Hard to know how to respond to that, really, so I won't.
  19. Didn't last long here!
  20. Hopefully it will result in more people cooking, eating together as family units more often and making use of what they have, which has got to be good for the collective health.
  21. My garden's looking good but I've got backache as a result.
  22. Wow. In an age when people are fretting about a 'mere' few hundred thousand deaths, a child who tries to awaken the world to its slide into oblivion is treated as an iritant by some of our beloved posters.
  23. Where did you come from?
  24. The thing I really miss the most is instant gratification.

    The sooner I can have that back in my life the better.
  25. is it still going? Haven’t got beyond the first bar of the theme tune for two decades. Often a sprint to the off button, keeps me fit.
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