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  1. Some temporary traffic lights were in operation on a stretch of road we were on, because one lane was undergoing roadworks, so the lights alternated the flow of traffic through the single open lane (the one on our offside).

    The lights were on red as we and the truck in front of us approached. As the lights change to green, the truck moves off, moving out into the offside lane... at which point it (and we) are overtaken by someone doing c. 80-90mph coming from behind and obviously far too important to wait the in a queue. A rather fancy car too, which had it clipped the truck, as it so very nearly did, would have ended up a fancy (and bloodied) heap of scrap.

    I've never seen anyone do that before, but I find such reckless driving is becoming remarkably commonplace.
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    I may be officially at the beginnings of boring old fartdom, but although I used to drive fast cars, and occasionally did put my foot down, I am pretty satisfied that I did it in sensible and safe situations, never like this. Nowadays when I see someone hurtling round country roads on the edge of control, or some headbanger hammering it with much wheelspin from the traffic lights, I find it so unacceptable: write-off your own car on the racetrack or a deserted road if you must, but don't do it when other drivers or pedestrians could be your innocent victims...
  3. Oh come now, surely just a little bit of wheelspin (in one's parents' VW Polo) never hurt anyone.
  4. Perhaps he was in a hurry to open a deposit account at the sperm bank.
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  5. He was trying to track down the last of the Comtes 06 at £60 / btl
  6. Slow drivers can be a menace too.
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  7. Actually, I would say that the standard of driving round our way has probably improved in the last 20 years! Makes events like that stand out, though....
  8. Fortunately the rise of dashcam usage means such drivers are often identified and prosecuted.
  9. Come to Bangkok everyone and you'll never feel unsafe in the UK again.
  10. He (I assume the idiot was male) might be on YouTube already.
  11. I'm saying nothing about wheelspinning and maybe going a bit too fast in 900cc VW Polos at age 17.

    On the matter of shocked but not surprised, one of the roads I use to commute to work has been down to one lane, traffic light controlled for about 6 weeks, while the cobbles someone had once decided would make a nice edge to the pavement down one side of the road, were replaced with a useable pavement surface, and an island to help pedestrians cross what, for a supposed 40 limit, is a very high speed road, as it is still pretty rural.

    The work was eventually finished and the road fully reopened on Monday.
    Today, temporary traffic lights are back, while a utilities company digs a large hole across one side of the road, and the pavement which has just been reconstructed.

    My assumption is that those who schedule roadworks for local councils and utilities companies all have shares in temporary traffic light hire companies.
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  12. <lights blue touch paper>

    Middle lane hoggers

    <and retires>
  13. I equally dislike those drivers who think they are great because they hoon around between lanes to the slow lane at 80mph just to make some kind of a point.

    Not that I'm a middle lane hogger (I see these peeps out of my rear mirror :cool:)

    In all seriousness though, I think the single biggest effect on my own driving was having a child in the back seat.
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  14. What twists my melons, man are the Sunday afternoon drivers (who have now become weekend drivers and they often seem to be unleashed on the roads as early as Thursday). They're the ones that sit at a constant 40mph, whether its motorway or a 30mph zone. They also always insist on stopping at Give Way signs, whether or not there's traffic to give way to. They never seem to know where they are going either. :mad:
  15. Fed up with near misses I signed up to do the Rospa Advanced driving training last year and graduated with a gold this May (my tester was a retired Police Tactical Pursuit driver - the very highly trained ones). While it has made me even more aware of poor driving, generally I'm now observing it earlier and taking fewer risks as a consequence. I highly recommend it.
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  16. I've always wondered - do those sat at 70mph in the middle lane fall into this category, given that you have to break the law to overtake them (or, indeed, catch up to them)...
  17. Yes I remember this being offered to staff at work many years ago, and those that went on it spoke very highly. Chatting with a motorbike user who went on a similar bike course, that sounded even more important, especially the way they would avoid getting hemmed in / always giving themselves options left and right. Very sensible in a car, more likely to be lifesaving on a bike.
  18. The general adherence to road rules in the UK is very very good by international standards. People say driving in London is bad, but it’s purely because they don’t have any experience of places like Delhi, Cairo, Bangok, Nairobi, etc. UK accident rates are low by developed world standards, let alone developing world. Sure there are idiots and criminals on the road (almost always men), but they stand out as exceptions.

    The thing that annoys me is our motorway driving! Three lanes all doing basically the same speed, all bunched up with most traffic in the outside lane. It’s such a joy in Germany - once you get used to it. Slow lane 130kph, middle lane 150+, outside lane genuinely quick. People overtake and get back in.
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  19. Must be the best Boris impersonation I've heard.

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