Selling odd bottles of grand wine

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  1. A friend has asked me about some posh wines that have "been removed by a scoundrel from a gentleman's cellar" in a Cambridge college (so impeccable provenance)....
    "I have two bottles of 1958 Lafite (one is at a good level, the other has some ullage), and it seems like it would be a good year to sell them because of the 60th birthday market. I also have a bottle of 1952 Mouton Rothschild with the same provenance"
    So what's the best way to sell these, I wonder?
    Any specialists in this kind of thing, or just a generic auction house (eg. Bacchus) or one of these online jobbies such as Wine Owners or Cellar Trade?
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  2. I'd say Bacchus in this case Alex.
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  3. Seckford have been very good at selling grand single bottles in the past and will collect though I doubt they'd be interested in the ullaged one.
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  4. I would put on Vinxchange and if no luck then Bacchus or Wine Auctioneer Wine owners will handle too but for such a small trade go to VinxChange first with photos
  5. "Removed by a scoundrel" makes me wonder if they're stolen, and you should be reporting your friend to the (college) authorities...
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, I made that bit up. Obvs....

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