TN Savigny-les-Beaune 1er cru Marconnets Chanson 1970

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  1. I'm only posting a note on this to dispel the myth that all old bottles of Chanson Beaune 1er crus and SLB 1er crus are poor. There's no doubt that Chanson went through a rough patch but some of the wines from the sixties have been good to very good. This had an attractively dusty, iodine and blood nose not unlike a really old N. Rhone wine - after time there were also some rose petal notes. On the palate the wine was all nicely savoury cranberry and sour cherry with ferrous soil tones coming through at the finish. The wine was fully secondary of course, but really quite fresh and lifted with no generic old wine flavours in evidence. The wine held up well in the glass too. The acidity was not too prominent which is often the case with such wines. Chanson owns the vines in Marconnets, so this was in effect a domaine wine, but they have now planted most of Marconnets to chardonnay. Only ***1/2 but much more enjoyable than the points might suggest. Several forumites shared it, so I hope they concur with this positive note.
  2. Very much so ! A very enjoyable wine - with plenty of life left in it. As you say it started out quite bloody/meaty/ferric - but really freshened up to reveal some evolved fruit sweetness and brightness and lift. Just in a lovely spot - as was the 2007 Dominode !
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  3. This wasn’t over lunch at George was it by any chance Richard? ;)
  4. This wine was lovely, and as Michael says, so in a different way was the Jadot.
    I remember years ago thinking Savigny wonderful and such great value after enjoying a lovely, very old Tollot Beaut (with thanks to Jeff Warren).
    Then I seemed to have less luck.
    But the pair Richard served absolutely reaffirmed my affection, and regard for how they can age.
  5. But was it really so very old? I seem to remember it was an 83 Lavieres about ten years ago. Today we would think nothing of drinking a 93 Lavieres.
  6. Guy - I also really enjoyed the Jadot Dominode 07. And at your RSJ Savigny offline we had several older wines the best of which was the Tollot-Beaut Lavieres 1976 and most of the older wines showed well. I have one really old Savigny left, but it is not as good as that Chanson was.

    Jez - I'm working on being at two places at the same time, but still struggling with the technology :).
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  7. Just picked up some old Chanson Beaune's; 1970 Clos de Roi, 1971 Champimonts and Marconnets. Seemed good value at £12.50 a pop. We will see, they'll either be heavenly or straight down to hell. The answer to your next question is :- Mr Wheelers sale.
  8. They could be excellent, depending on storage and corks in particular, and the price is right. One does have to have a taste for such things though, which not everyone does.
  9. I used a Durand on the 1970. Without that, it would have crumbled to pieces. It’s a very handy, if expensive, tool for extracting old corks. I have about a 95% success rate with it. Anyway, please let us now how you find the wines. As Tom says it will all be about how they were stored. Do the levels look good?
  10. yes levels good, obviously some better than others, so I picked a couple of the best of each rather than taking the whole parcel.
  11. Ouch the first bottle was corked. Oh well fingers crossed for the others . Was that corked, past it or badly stored? Cork wet and disintegrated. Clear TCA tasted but some fruit.

    Other bottles look clear through the glass where this was cloudy.

    Will stand the rest well before opening and treat with respect ✊
  12. My experience is that cloudy ones are shot, without exception. Clarity offers an excellent chance of success.
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  13. Thought-provoking post. You are right, of course. But back then I never thought Savigny could last even 10 years, which partly reflected my knowing less then, but perhaps also reflected a wider lack of awareness that "lesser" wines could last like that.
    It also reminds me that while we move on, I at least find that my perception of vintages doesn't always always keep pace. I seemingly forget to remind myself each year that 200X is now year older... Will people like me always be telling ourselves that 2005 "needs time" and then find we missed the window?
    Lastly, I'm also reminded that you sold me a couple of bottles of said Savigny after I said how much I enjoyed it, and at the price you paid - something that was very generous, and is not forgotten.
  14. Chanson from that era are really, really good. I had an epic 1969 Echezeaux from Chanson, and it just got better and better over the course of 2 hours.
  15. T'was a lovely, lovely wine although first sniff had me very much in the northern Rhône!

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