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  1. Any good recipe suggestions? Looking around, I’m wondering about the orange juice component. Is it important that it’s fresh?

    I had a sudden recollection of those old frozen OJ canister things. Do they even exist anymore? A real treat for us back in the 70’s

    Google had a strange suggestion. Apparently this got to No 10 in the charts back in 1969

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  2. Red wine, spanish brandy, soda, sugar syrup and fruit as required IMO. An orange liqueur is an excellent substitute for the syrup but orange juice is not something I've heard of. It would certainly have an unfortunate effect on the appearance. Sangia ought to be more alcoholic than it seems and make everyone fall over, particularly children.
  3. My recipe:

    1 750ml bottle of unoaked, light Spanish red
    1 330ml can of sprite
    50ml brandy
    Loads of ice and wedges of orange, lemon and lime

    1. mix
    2. guzzle
    3. repeat

    Sparkling sangria is also good - exactly the same but replace the red wine with cava.
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  4. That's roughly how I remember my Spanish friends making it, though the soft drink element I remember them using was something I think was labelled as Gaseosa, which was somewhere between soda and the lemonade I was used to in the uk. I have to say though that my visit to their Spanish property was in the summer of 1976, so there has been some time for memory to fade; I don't remember them ever serving Sangria in the UK.
  5. Does it have to be Spanish unoaked red wine? Or Spanish Brandy? I think I might have to conduct some experiments....
  6. Certainly Spanish brandy. The surprisingly palatable though inevitably bland wine that comes in Tetrapaks in Spain is more than adequate.
  7. Fantastic clip. Disgusting recipe!!
  8. Agreed. It’s the lurid look of the banana liqueur that really turned my stomach but vintage Floyd nonetheless!
  9. So we made some Sangria last night. Had some large Valencia oranges. Couldn't find a cheap unoaked Spanish wine, so used a Mondeuse(!). Spanish brandy was a no-no too, but there was some ancient cognac that seemed to do the job. Lemonade and a spoonful of sugar later we were in business - really enjoyable! Like a better version of Pimms.
  10. I like to make this with Waitrose aptly named Mellow and Fruity Spanish Red

    Chap assisting Keith with the sangria in that clip bears more than a passing resemblance to “Captain” Daryl Dragon.

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