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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Russell Faulkner, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Any suggesting a for interesting local wines ( other than Rioja).
  2. The local is Txakoli, a bracing, light dry white. Very bracing.
  3. Simon forgot to mention that it’s a very bracing wine. Goes quite well with the local, bracingly fresh seafood.
  4. The nearby town of Getaria produces most of the Txakoli you get in the bars in San Seb Under the Getaria Txakolina doc and I like it, not unlike a vinho verde I thought and great with tapas. However there is another Txakoli DOC towards Bilbao Called bizkaiko Txakolina which is a bit more serious and often sold with a year of bottle age rather than the DYA Getaria stuff. Worth looking out for in a restaurant by way of comparison.
  5. GOÑI ardoteka for a fantastic selection of wines to buy. Also, no.6 which is a very good wine bar/restaurant.
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  6. Thanks guys. Not our first time here so we know a little but didn’t find a good wine shop before.

    This was nice enough last night.
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  7. I visited SS a good decade ago. I remember passing a wine shop on one of the street off the main square. It was shut but had some great looking bottles in the window. Not much help I realise.
  8. Russell

    I don't know what your taste is, but in my opinion Txakoli is dreadful. Thin, tart and short. That'll be the first wine offered to you, though.

    I wouldn't waste time looking around for an acceptable one. Don't sacrifice yourself on the altar of local authenticity
  9. Oh I quite like it. But I like Gros Plant and have been drinking Riesling almost exclusively for a while. For my tastes it’s preferable to white Rioja, generally.
  10. I share your view about white rioja, Russell. But for my taste there are far better Spanish white wine options that would pair well with the local gastronomy.

    If you like it, however, you'll find loads of bottlings you can't find anywhere else
  11. Is there never an occasion when that is exactly what you want? I often find them.
  12. Not me, no. But we're all different
  13. For Txacoli, look for Bodegas Amtezoi. Check if you can find some rose'...
  14. Quite a rich version


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