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  1. Afternoon All

    Heading here on Monday night with some colleagues (non wine geeks) and in true wine geek fashion I want to check out their wine list and enomatic offerings in advance. Unfortunately I cannot find either of them online or on their website - does anyone know where these may be? In addition, do they tend to have a good range and well aged examples on enomatics?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Only been the once and found a good range - Steve Slatcher is probably more familiar and may have been in more recently than me. There are some recent updates on their twitter feed as well that indicate some of the current wines that are promoting. When we were there, they were serving the Equipo Navazos sparkling palomino which was unusual and very enjoyable.
  3. Thank you Peter, I should really get Twitter, even if I were to only use it for wine updates.
  4. Try sending a PM to Damien Hosty - he works there.
  5. Thank you Richard, will do that now
  6. All in hand, thanks guys.
    Peter, have you tried the new vintage (2014?) of that Equipo N sparkling palamino? One of my colleagues bought a bottle at Salut for us to share. I was disappointed. I've never said that about EN wines before. It was OK, just didn't seem to have much zip or depth to it. I'm hoping that it is just in a quiet place at the moment and will soon become wonderful but I don't know how it will do that based on our initial impressions.
  7. Damian. I hope you steer them towards your impressive selection of NZ wines.
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  8. Of course, Kevin :)
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