Rosebank 12

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  1. Excuse a visitor from the wine forum...but could I pick brains please...

    A friend of this was given this at birth in 1975 and it has been untouched ever since - still in the original wine shop bag though sadly with no receipt.

    (i) is it likely to be any good?
    (ii) does it have any significant value?

    To me it looks fairly ordinary but the whisky market is extremely confusing...

    Thanks in advance


    Whisky 1.jpeg Whisky 2.jpeg
  2. Chris

    An excellent distillery, a lighter more feminine lowland style. Closed a good while ago and quite sought after. This looks like the flora and fauna bottling which the parent group used across a number of its distilleries. I'm always stunned at how single malt prices are rising and would be surprised if this didn't command £100+ in the original box
  3. Wow, that is a surprise! Thanks Keith, v useful.

  4. This is a very good whisky and I drank it regularly in the 90s.

    Should you wish to sell it I will offer £100+delivery.

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