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  1. Any takes on the vintage? North or South.

    I hear yealds are down in the North, to the extent that Clape will not offer a second cornas cuvee.

    Interested to hear anyone's thoughts.
  2. Wait on prices for me.

    Seriously considering getting off the en-primeur treadmill for once and for all.

    Just about happened for Burgundy, Rhône has gone up significantly over the past three years too, another rise of more than 5% tops and I’ll be gone, small yields or not.
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  3. Shame re Renaissance, more CdR?
  4. The one offer I have seen so far has rises around 7%.

    That merchant doesn’t seem to be holding an ep tasting this year.

    I think I’ll wait until the TWS offer come out, am very lukewarm about the idea at the moment.

    I didn’t realise until virtually the day of the event but Stone, Vine and Sun held a combined Burg and Rhône ep tasting in Winchester last January. Didn’t go as it clashed with another commitment, might go along if they do similar for this vintage, otherwise won’t be tasting this vintage of Rhône.
  5. A cursory look seems to show some prices seem to be in line with last year, but others have increased by 10% on last year.

    The descriptions from the merchants seem to suggest, between the lines, a bit of a mixed bag, hail and heat. But that's why it would be really useful to hear from someone who has tasted the wines.
  6. If you are a subscriber HRH has a lot of tasting notes and with more to come.
  7. Thanks, Ian. I was hoping to harness the collective wisdom of the Forum. :p
  8. I had an email over a month ago from a certain 3-letter London merchant titled, "Last Call for Beaucastel 2017" [boggle]
  9. Was at J&B’s tasting last night. There are some very nicely constructed wines but I think that careful selection is a little more important than the last couple of years.
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  10. Thanks Jonathan. How did the North fare?
  11. Depends on what sort of style you like. It doesn't seem to me to be a year for those who exclusively go for fresh, bright, acid-driven Syrah.
  12. Agree Jon. Tried a number in the Rhône earlier this year and the contrast with 16 is marked. Certainly better than 03 but a “solar” vintage for sure.
  13. Agree with Jon B.
  14. If it’s heavier and riper than 15 I certainly won’t bother.

    Been surprised at how clunky the few 15s I opened have been.
  15. I have just bought all of my 2017 en primeur in one go (and one bottle)! Just spent the most on a bottle of wine ever £99 in bond for M Sorrel Le Greal 2017 rated by JLL as 6*.

    Never mind that I have no money spare for this and Xmas is coming up :eek::eek:
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  16. Gareth - indeed. Some 99s are still clunky! Suspect the 15s will take a very long time to come round but I did buy some more Jamet Brune this week though as I think the vintage will do well (ie I’m backing it in my cellar).

    Out of 15,16 and 17 I suspect that my favourite in the North will turn out to be 16. There would appear to be some great wines in 15 and 17 but my purchasing will back 17 less than the others. 17 is not a repeat of 2003 as Jim touches on above.

    In the South I really enjoyed the 17s and have a hunch that they could do very well - better than the preceding two vintages perhaps. That’s probably a controversial view!
  17. Good to hear from those that have tasted. It confirms the impression I got from reading the various notes from merchants. I expect I'll give this one a miss, especially as I bought a decent amount of 16s
  18. Just went for some M Sorrel Le Greal 2017 and that's it.
  19. I am hoping this is a good choice having blown the max money on a single bottle.
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  20. In JLL we trust...
  21. Will undoubtedly be a great wine. All you need to do now is wait for twenty years minimum....
  22. Indeed - good Hermitage in a good vintage needs about twenty years...the 1998 was superb a month ago and noted here on the forum. Le Greal is on consistently top form recently.
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  23. ...or flog it and buy something mature with the proceeds. (If you get bored waiting - not convinced there's much of a stagging opportunity here a la Fourrier)
  24. I am looking at one or two wines [Hermitage] but I do have a lot of 15s some 16s and not quite sure I really need to add to the pile. Those who picked up Le Greal, did you get it from (L&W)?

    I am quite keen on buying older wines that I can drink sooner, hence my most recent Rhone purchase is

    12 x 75cl 2012 Marc Haisma Cornas - for £240 IB - a fair price - and a wine that I very much liked when tried at the WIMPS N. Rhone lunch.
  25. Graham, due to my error listing it was a 2013 Haisma Cornas you tried, however the 2012 is a lovely wine. Vg price for that, for reference Vinoteca were knocking out the 2010 for over £50p/b in their shop a while back.
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