Travel Restaurant recommendations - Zurich, Baden Baden, Strasbourg, Beaune

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  1. Looking for family friendly (think brasserie not Michelin) restaurants in all of the above please! A good wine list is positive but not essential.
  2. Not sure if you specifically want to stop in Strasbourg but we stayed at Le Rosenmeer close to the railway station in Rosheim, about 35 minutes west of Strasbourg. That was in 2015 and they had a 1* restaurant and a winstub. We ate in the restaurant and the food and wine list were very good (with lots of mature vintages), but it seems to have been downgraded to an assiette Michelin, which I'd put down to the erratic, but very pleasant, staff. The rooms were very comfortable as well.
    Accueil - Le Rosenmeer - Hubert Maetz
  3. In Zurich, I have previously enjoyed the Rheinfelder Bierhalle on Niederdorfstrasse, a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof. It's on a pedestrian street with outdoor seating too.

    The Jumbo Jumbo schnitzel was lovely and a helluva fight to get through it, washed down with dunkel beer. Aaahhhh, heaven :D


  4. Plenty of options in Beaune, of course. For family friendly, I’d opt For Caveau des Arches - though we’ve not been for a couple of years. More than serviceable wine list.
  5. Also any thoughts on something child friendly and wine related near Beaune. I was thinking of Chateau de Meursault (I know the wines aren’t the best).
  6. We were all happy at Castel des Tres Girard in Morey a few days ago - they didn't mind my 8 and 4yo shouting and running around, they delivered them (and us) some decent food, and the wine list is good. Plus there's a swimming pool (honestly, the main reason we chose it!).
  7. There are very positive reports on recent CdM releases.
    We’ve intended to Castel des TG but they change the menu at different times. The wine-list looks a treat.
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