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  1. It looks as though we may end up having to break a journey near Langres. Does anyone have a restaurant and/or hotel recommendation for this location?
  2. We have tried to put a square in this triangle . It’s just not there, unless anyone can advise otherwise. Chaloms en Champagne may prove better ? Hotel Angleterre from memory.
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  3. Hmm, we stayed a couple of times a year, every year for three decades or so, at the Jeanne d’Arc in Langres, en-route to and from Switzerland. The rooms were traditional french Logis style (basic, lumpy beds, trad decor e.g. carpeted walls etc), but great no nonsense food. However, Madame was retiring and the young Monsieur (son) who had been transitioning into taking over for a few years finally decided the modern art scene in Paris was more his thing, so they were selling up. This was twenty years ago, so no help to you I appreciate, Richard. The ‘smarter’ (it’s all relative) hotel was the Cheval Blanc. We did also one year stay outside town at the place at the end of the lake which was serviceable. None of these are recommendations I’d stand behind though given the passage of time! In recent years we’ve stopped short or overshot (Beaune or Troyes).
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  4. How I wish there was a network of Logis de France in England, or an English equivalent, with basic, sometimes eccentric rooms, but good, wine-friendly food, well cooked by a chef, and with a solid nod to local specialities, a good prix fixe and usually something good if modest on the wine list.
  5. The solid nod to local specialities is a problem, I fear, there are rather few except for our many excellent farinaceous preparations. It's a wonderful idea.
    One day I hope the trumpet will be sounded for the magnificence of English cider, which doesn't mean the gussied up and sweetened bottled stuff. Still, we have a glorious rebirth just around the corner.
  6. I have fond memories of visiting the Square and Compass in Worth Matravers, which often had four or five ciders (and possibly a perry as well) on draught. What one had to remember, though (some of our party were known to forget) was that some of those could be up to 8ish percent alcohol, even though they were no more expensive than your average draught beer...
  7. We had a lunch stop there last year in a restaurant in the middle of town, ‘le foy’. It’s was pretty standard bistro lunch menu.... though they did have a range of burgundy by the glass (under enomatic) - - mercurey, Joseph drouhin St romain, Bouchard gevrey-chambertin . No idea about hotels though
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  8. Thanks for the input so far. @Simon Grant - unfortunately my Mondeo seems to lack the time travel option :). We're not looking for anything particularly special food wise - just something honest.
  9. The Square & Compass continues to regularly appear in top 10 lists & rightly so. `The real deal. One always fears it might become trendy or some marketeer spruce it up.
  10. We stayed at the hotel de l”Europe which was central with a decent restaurant. This was 12 years ago so a little out of date
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  11. There is a short story in this somewhere.

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