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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Alex Lake, May 22, 2019.

  1. ISTR someone here raving about a restaurant somewhere near Oxford Circus that was doing a great deal on a menu with BYO or something. They may not still be doing it now, but any ideas what it might have been?
  2. Stem? I didn't BYO, but Neal Martin reports on Vinous that he did. The food is delicious.
  3. I had a pretty good experience at Stem soon after they opened a year or two back when they offered a benign BYO deal but don't know if they still do.
  4. I went a few months ago and yes they did byo.
  5. That's the one!
  6. I hear they have a "sister restaurant", Anglo, which is currently doing a deal on their lunch 5-course. Not quite half price, but sounds worth a look.
  7. Anglo is a barer space but we ate decently there too. I think the Anglo chef moved site to start Stem. They're both slightly fiddly food but good flavours.

    Anglo is on the site of what used to be Fabrizio, who had a splendidly benign approach to corkage!
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  8. Looking more closely, it may be that the Anglo deal isn’t much good at all. Will have to investigate...
  9. Anglo want £25/bottle corkage, which sounds about right (maybe a little on the high side?). They don't put their wine-list on the website. Any ideas how good it is?
  10. BTW, I see that Stem has just closed down. What a shame. Just as well we didn't book to go there!
  11. Yes, I saw that yesterday. Seems the chef and GM left and the restaurant then closed. It was excellent - but to be fair, we didn't go back - too much competition in London these days I suppose
  12. Les 110 de taillevent london do £30 corkage. Not sure if it's in your price range though.
  13. The Anglo list didn't inspire me last year.
  14. I usually go to Antidote around there, and I recall Dave Stenton organised a Bojo dinner in the upstairs room. Can’t recall the corkage but it wasn’t as much as £25.

    I really like the food there, more gutsy than fancy perhaps. The room isn’t perfect, more a large table, and assuming they still do private dining, they have now opened a wine shop up there.
  15. So we went there (Anglo) today for lunch. We were the only ones for the entire lunch service. Some very nicely executed food, but left me feeling a bit empty. I think the £50 (reduced to £35) 5 course tasting menu has quite small portions, so probably the £25 3 course is better value. The fish was the best course. The wine list was decidedly odd. I'm not optimistic that it has what it takes for the long haul yet.

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