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    I have a lunch with some friends the week after next at Hawksmoor and we are taking advantage of their £5 corkage offer.

    I was hoping that someone would be able to recommend something good in the £50-£60 range that ideally has a bit of age on it. Given we will be having steak I am looking for red options, and not too fussed on country or region, although I do tend to prefer old world classic regions.

    Ideally I would be able to buy this in London on route, but with enough time could order online. Also happy to hear from anyone who may have something to sell, although would need to arrange a pick up which may prove problematic

    Thanks in advance

  2. Which Hawksmoor James?
  3. The Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2015 is a superb Bordeaux blend if a little young. Neal Martin 95 pts. Tim Atkin 100 !!! Handford will sell you a bottle
  4. Go to any good merchant and you will find something suitable in that price range.
    C9, Malbec etc all good with that food.

    My pick would be Contino's Vina del Olivo. Are you a Wine Society member?
    They have the 2001 for £50 and the 2005 for £47
    Waitrose have the 07 for £58.

    Enjoy your lunch!

    And Alex, stop trying to gatecrash.
  5. Alex, it is the Air Street branch

    Thank you Keith and Ray for the suggestions, I will have a look into them
  6. James,

    Have a chat with Joe at Blast vintners - he's got some really interesting older stuff or if you are going past one on your way then The Sampler is a good place to pick up mature bottles of all sorts of things.
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  7. Hedonism might be a fun browse and a bottle then.

    Or follow Keiths link and tap his mate at Handford up for the mates rates they're always banging on about :D
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  8. Hedonism is the post lunch visit Alex, can then blame any purchases on post lunch excess :D

    I shall have a look at them as well Chris
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  9. I had a good experience with Blast recently. They have a lot of Rhone and I'm sure he can recommend one that's suitable. Service and delivery were prompt, but you have to pay delivery if you spend less than £500 though.
  10. Thanks for the comments Nick, I had not heard of them before so good to get a second reccomendation too.
  11. BBR are, of course, but a few minutes away, and will have, for example, the top Mullineux wines. If you ask, they may have some with age. (About 15 years ago, I had popped in for some of their Wm Pickering 20 yo tawny made by Noval, and idly asked if they had any older bottles of Noval: I came out with a 1963 Noval for merely about three times what they were selling the current vintage for.)
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  12. Don't try this at home. "It only cost three times as much.......".
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  13. I had not thought of asking BBR what they may have in their cellar, could return something very interesting!
  14. But of course the current vintage would have been almost undrinkably young.
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