Recommend me an old style fat, oaky Chardonnay please...

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Richard Ward, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. Yes Planeta is fairly oaky, I buy that semi-regularly from Italvinus, it doesn't have the density of tropical fruit you get in the new world ones though - it's more lemon butter rather than pina colada!!!
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  2. That's potentially just the job. Will have to try and get a single bottle before committing to a case though.
  3. Likewise, the Mac Forbes is one I'll look to try a single bottle.

    Ridge is absolutely brilliant but definitely over budget. I drank my last bottle of Monte Bello Chard a couple of years back.
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  4. Have you thought of having a Pina Colada when the urges strikes?
    I remember the heyday of that drink. It is rather subtle compared to its brother in arms, the Tequila Sunrise. Peppermint Park and Pyke-Biggs hamburgers here we come!
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  5. Richard,
    If you do speak to Majestic you might want to try the “Bread & Butter”
    California Chardonnay, it is a bit coarse and crude but when it is circa a tenner it might hit a spot.
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  6. The Ten Minutes by Tractor australian thing is good
  7. I wouldn’t say any of the TMBT Chardonnay’s I’ve had are fat, oaky, old school Jez though.
  8. If you don't mind your chardonnay coming from France than Olivier Merlin's Macon la Roche Vinesue Les Cras would be just right - am drinking the 2009 currently. And Jim Clendenen is a huge fan of Olivier's wines.
  9. I don't mind at all where it's from. I would never have expected that style from the Maconnais though, I always associate those wines as being leesy rather than oaky.
  10. Slight thread drift but this is still alive and kicking (although not at this moment) in the Man City third strip. I can't work out how to post an image. How it got past a panel of approval is a mystery, maybe they had your fond memories.
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  11. Ah ha.
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  12. The Liberator, Teeth of the Dog 2017 fits that bill exactly. Sourced from Glen Carlou, this is in the old school style you’re looking for.
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  13. I have only tried it once. I knew the reputation, and when we visited the area many years ago, we tried a bottle over lunch. I went into it fully expecting to hate it, but I didn’t. It is almost a caricature of the typical buttery Napa Chard.
  14. Barrel fermented Chardonnay from Felton Road was a big buttery beast the last time I endured it.
  15. How funny - I was about to suggest that, and was surprised to be beaten to it!
  16. How about Roxburgh?
  17. The mention of S Africa reminds me that Rustenberg 5 Soldiers is both very good and very much on point.
  18. Does it still exist?
  19. Dunno!

    Just checked - No.

    OK... How about Neudorf Moutere Chardonnay?
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  20. Can you get Scarborough Yellow Label Chardonnay in the uk? Hunter valley operation.... Cheap ($20-25 in oz) and is certainly buttery and fat... not as oaky as some of the wines already mentioned though.
  21. I don't know if they would think of themselves as buttery and fat Alex, although I haven't tried one for a while.
  22. That was the impression I got last time I did (which was also a long time ago!) but my perspectives have been skewed on this.
    The other one that I used to like and went off was the Beringer Chardonnay. Gosh - all these old memories. Must try them again!
  23. Cono Sur's 20 Barrels Chardonnay was tending towards the fat side the last time I had it ...... Might be worth a try and should be well within your budget.
  24. Terrible stuff but fits the bill looked for here!!

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