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  1. The department of Aisne in France has just banned the sale of alcohol!!

    The reasoning, for social reasons. Families in enclosed areas getting into alcohol fuelled arguements.

    I suppose they've got a point. The devastation of the Burgundy v Bordeaux debate at a La Trompette Wimps led to a complete redecoration of the restaurant did it not?
  2. Which side of the debate prevailed?
  3. I did wonder whether alcohol would come under the term of essential provisions.

    Can argue it both ways - denying the general public access to alcohol could cause more problems than it solves.
  4. Bit early for an April fool isn’t it
  5. Already out of date alas Ian - now down to 1km from home for sports activities
  6. Afraid not, a fellow forumite residing in France posted an article about it on FB
  7. We went for a walk to the next village today, only 2 miles but a round trip over two hours. We saw sub 5 people, only one we passed and he stood aside by at least 5 metre. So it’s up-to location and common sense.
    It was a lovely day and made you glad to be alive, the silence was piercing.
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  8. The country lanes close to me were crawling with the perineum if society today. In particular prevalence were boy racers driving in the most erratic and foolish manner.
  9. I was surprised how much traffic there was on my solo ride yesterday. What is particularly horrendous are the pictures of the London underground. It's beyond belief and should be closed.

    Having just read an article about Tim Martin telling us he's not paying his staff and for them to go and go and work for Tescos. This from the man who insisted pubs weren't points of contact for the virus and wanted them to stay open. It comes as no surprise that too many people aren't taking this serious.
  10. Tim Martin once again demonstrating with ease his credentials for the patron saint of the thick.
  11. closing the tube would be disastrous for the health service and any number of other essential services. Simply not an option. Issue is our idiotic mayor cutting capacity on the tube just when people need more space on trains.
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  12. Then a combination! - You're still allowed to food shop - so jog to the shop - and more often as you don't want that rucksack too heavy for jogging :)
    So far, I'm still allowed to head in the forests where I Iive, and there are a few more people taking advantage than was the case before...
  13. The real horror is that some states in the US have designated gunshops as 'essential' during lockdown. Essential for the breakdown of civil society I suppose.
  14. They need to protect their cache of toilet paper I suppose.
  15. I'm not sure you are, Bill. There have been police notices out for several days saying that you are specifically not allowed to go for a walk in the forest, unless you live in it.

    There are inconsistencies in the French rules. One that is affecting the wine industry is that some police are telling people they can only go shopping in their nearest shops but the government have allowed all wineries, wine merchants and other specialist shops to remain open. So people feel they are forced to buy their wine, meat and cheese from their nearest supermarché and not allowed to walk 100m further down the road or drive 5 minutes further to visit a wine shop or charcutiere.

    Also the official English translation of the official "attestation" is different from the French one. The French one says "Déplacements pour effectuer des achats de fournitures nécessaires à l’activité professionnelle et des achats de première nécessité dans des établissements dont les activités demeurent autorisée". The English translation is "travel to purchase essential goods within the nearest authorized facilities". So all the Brits on facebook "expat" groups are screaming blue murder at an "wine snob" who isn't happy buying plonk from their nearest Intermarché or, heaven forbid, Leader Price.

    My daughter tells me that the Teetotal ruling in Aisne has been reversed. However, I'm sure that as time goes on, alcohol consumption at home will increase and alongside it, so will domestic abuse.
  16. For now, in Switzerland, I am...
    Actually, for now, I can jog as far and as long as like - and needn't be on the way to the supermarket - but not a group of more than 2...
  17. The cycling thing is true for France as we were just talking to a friend in France this morning who is at their weekend house in the country and says he's still cycling to the local shop as it's the only excercise he can get, but that he risks a fine for doing so. His wife is quarantined in Paris as she was in Vietnam when it struck, and with travel limited to one kilometre from where you are they may not see each other for quite a long time. Glad I'm not him.

    I think most people will know that wine is now designated as an essential item. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but quite pleased for all the people I know whose income is based on its importation and sale. That said, I saw that whilst most are just doing mail order/online and local deliveries at least one small independent chain in London has decided to reopen its shops Weds-Sat. Not sure how wise that is?

    How you would police alcohol consumption at home by people with a wine cellar and curtains is beyond me!

  18. One man 3 women, warehouse full of wine? Any fire arms? :eek:
  19. All three local wine merchants here are closed.
  20. My sister is in Paris and she told me that she must be within 2km of her home. She also mentioned that there had been a bit of a scandal about the police issueing tickets to the homeless. Mind you that was was last week so things might have changed.

    A province in eastern Canada decided that liquor was not an essential service and announced the closure of the government owned liquor stores. The rush to buy and chaotic scenes of the lineup forced them to change their minds. Experts weighed in suggesting withdrawal and dependency issues that would put pressure on the already strained health services. I think it will be a while before any other province things of closing the liquor stores.

  21. Things have changed. Current doc attached here.

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  22. So now it's one kilometre?

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