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  1. A friend sent me a list of 22 wine films, of which I'd watched around half. I was excited to discover 11 wine films I haven't seen, so to amuse myself I'm attempting to work my way through them. Reviews will be contained in this thread.
  2. Day one: "The Year Of The Comet". Absolutely awful. Without the wine element there's little chance I'd have forced my way through this trash. It's very of its time (early 90s), the plot is all over the place, riddled with awful cliches, just terrible. The wine references (an imperial of 1811 lafite is key to what plot there is) are quite cool, but otherwise this really was a shocker. Not a great start. 1.5/5
  3. Day Two: "The Secret of Santa Vittoria". Really enjoyed this one. A small Italian village attempt to hide one million bottles of wine from the Nazis. Good plot, good tension, great performances, lovely way to spend a couple of hours. The central message is showing just how much wine can mean to small wine making villages, it's based on a book which is apparently based on a true story. Having read wine and war and seen the hidden Champagne I can believe this has at least some basis in fact. My only criticisms are that at 2:20 it's probably twenty minutes too long, and that it's supposed to be a comedy (apparently) but barely raised more than a smirk. 4/5 (but with potential for 4.5/5 on a future re-watching)
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  4. Seen:

    A Year In Burgundy
    A Year In Champagne
    Bottle Shock
    Somm 2
    Somm 3
    Sour Grapes
    Red Obsession
    Wine Country

    Not seen:

    Barolo Boys
    You Will be My Son
    The Secret of Santa Vittoria (day 2)
    Blood Into Wine
    The Vineyard
    Wine Calling
    A Good Year
    A Walk In The Clouds
    A Heavenly Vintage
    Year Of The Comet (day 1)
  5. Once I've watched the eleven I've not yet seen I might re-watch the eleven I have, but I'm not sure I can subject myself to Wine Country again, that really was bad.
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  6. Add Back to Burgundy (2017) to your list. It's better than most on there (I've seen 19 of 22).
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  7. I preferred Nossiter's Natural Resistance to Mondovino, and I may watch the latter some time.

    I watched Sideways (in fact on dvd so I still have it). It has nearly gone to a charity shop a number of times but I am not convinced I won't watch it again, if you will excuse the double negative.

    I'm not sure whether the general film thread has been resurrected as I'm slipping in here after a lengthy absence, but last night we took a much needed break from the evening news and watched Captain Fantastic. It's not a wine film, although wine is certainly drunk in it. It is thought provoking, well acted (the small kids are amazing) and an all round good film. Although we don't all have to agree with the views of its subjects, it poses some questions that it doesn't hurt us to try to answer.
  8. Sideways sticks, partly down to some of the performances and some excellent lines...
  9. The Meaning of Life when Mr. Creosote orders 6 bottles of 1945 Ch Latour, a double jeroboam of Champagne & 6 crates of brown ale to wash his bucket of food down.
  10. Not only a true story, but also a real village.
    We stayed there a few years ago (and forumite Robin C also joined us there) in a very good agriturismo called
    Agriturismo Cascina Val di Spinso

    Italy 038.jpg

    The photo taken from near their pool. Their garden also lovely and spacious, plus a patio / bbq area, whilst the apartments very large and well-equipped. They even had new born kittens for us to coo over!

    The castle tower on the hill would hopefully be familiar from the film. Location very good, being the other side of the Alba/Bra main road to Verduno, which was maybe a 10 minute drive away, with La Morra another 5 mins or so after that. Definitely recommended (only the free breakfast was a bit 'ho-hum', but that's quite common across Italy.
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  11. Are any of these actually any good? I'd rather drink wine and watch something decent for a better experience.
  12. Sideways is a great film, some moments and scenes probably have more meaning and resonance for a wine geek
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  13. In my opinion most wine films I've seen only scrape over the line because I love wine and there ain't all that many films on the subject. Sideways isn't a great film, nor even really a very good wine film, but then as a wine lover you do get drawn in to the subject and the "geek" element. And it does have some humour.

    As far as documentaries go, I am not sure Nossiter's rank among the best of the wider genre, but they address a range of issues which the wine obsessive will be interested in, perhaps whether we like natural wine or not. I would imagine the aforementioned Natural Resistance film might raise the blood pressure of anyone with a rabid antipathy towards the rejection of synthetic agrochemicals, but most will be able to look at his arguments with a degree of objectivity Nossiter often lacks, and make their own minds up.
  14. A Good Year is a very good film indeed. Albert Finney, Russell Crowe, both on fine form, and the delectable Marion Cotillard. Whilst the (not very special) wine does feature, it isn't central, whereas the pace of life in Provence/Luberon is. Beautifully filmed, in and around Cucuron and Lourmarin. Delightful, amusing and well acted. Loosely based on Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence.

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