Prosecco-related gift ideas welcome

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Leigh Omer, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Hi,

    My sister's birthday is coming up and she absolutely loves Prosecco... so I wanted to buy her some decent bottles of fizz, plus a (future) tasting event.

    Has anyone got any recommendations of excellent bottles, gift packages (e.g. with chocolates or glasses), and also any feedback / suggestions for something like a Prosecco-tasting experience in London which I can buy for her or at least tell her I will buy it when life gets back to normal! :)

  2. Lea & Sandeman have a few different prosecco available, not sure how much you wanted to spend on a case but could add some Franciacorta?

    Don’t know much Prosecco-themed, could suggest a trip to Passione Vino and then a nice Italian meal?
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  3. Get her a bottle of Campari and a soda siphon so that she can enjoy a spritz, far the best use of Prosecco in my view and a really excellent aperitif.
  4. Passione Vino mentioned above carry Malibran Sottoriva which is an excellent grown-up version, you would be happy to drink same.
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  5. BBRs own brand Prosecco is fantastic in my opinion.
  6. Another vote for the Malibran Prosecco Sottoriva (worth noting that it is slightly cloudy when poured). Also worth considering are the Crede and Cartizze Prosecco cuvees from Bisol.

    If you do venture down to the Passione Vino shop I'd pick up a bottle of Lambrusco from Paltrinieri for yourself; either the Radice, Solco or L'Eclisse ;)
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  7. Many thanks everyone. Appreciate your suggestions. Luckily Riedel were having a sale on their four Prosecco glasses set so nabbed one of them for her too.
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  8. I had to give those up on health grounds. It is almost impossible to make a bottle last more than five minutes.
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