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    Did you know that every part of wine-pages, including this Forum, has been entirely free to access since we were pioneers of the wine internet back in 1995? We appreciate all donations to the forum's upkeep and development.


    For over 20 years our forum has been one of the friendliest, best-informed places for discussion of wine on the Internet. Part of the key to that is that the forum is moderated, but just as important is our 'full names' policy. You must give a full first and last name when you join. You are also invited to upload an 'avatar' - a small picture that will accompany your messages.

    We do have a some rules and you are strongly advised to read them before clicking the 'login/subscribe' button on the home page. Review the rules at any time by clicking 'Help' at the bottom of the screen.


    About you

    Clicking on your own name top right of screen (when logged in) shows your profile. You can supply as much or as little profile information as you want, and can update your email address or password here.

    You'll see an Alerts menu at the top right of screen. Here you'll see notifications on threads and forums you're watching, and you can manage your alert preferences from here.

    These are the small pictures above your name in every post. Add them by hovering over your own name at the top right of screen and clicking 'avatar'. We encourage everyone to use a head and shoulders photo of themselves as an extension of the 'real names' policy.

    On the entry page of all forums is a list of threads. The larger avatar shows who started the thread, and if you reply, a mini-avatar will be added to that thread. You can see at a glance which threads you have participated in.

    Shown in your Inbox (top right of screen) these are private messages between two or more members of the forum. There is no limit on the number of conversations you can retain (though very old conversations may have to be pruned from time to time for performance reasons). New replies in the conversation appear in your inbox, and you can choose to have email alerts if you wish.

    Please see this post for information on how to leave or delete old conversations.

    If you start to write a post, navigate away, and then return to the page your text will still there. As you type, a draft of your message is saved every 60 seconds (but elapses after 24 hours).

    Embedded videos
    You have the ability to embed video from YouTube and other sources.

    See 'Prefixes' below

    First Unread Message
    When you are viewing any single forum's starting page, such as, you will see that each thread has a small blue dot just to the left of the thread title -


    Hover over it and you will see that its function when clicked is to "Go to first unread message" in that thread

    Hit the ‘upload a file’ button to select a picture, pdf or text file from your own computer. Then insert as a picture or thumbnail. Very easy to do. You can upload direct from your mobile phone, and can upload multiple pictures. Pictures that are too large are automatically resized.

    You may show that you like a post by clicking the like link in the post.

    Message count
    Click anyone's avatar (including your own) to see their message count, as well as other information like 'Member since xxxx' and number of 'Likes' received and so on.


    If you want to quote multiple people from ANY thread. Simply click the 'quote+' text against each post you want to quote. An 'insert quotes' button will then appear in the reply box.

    New Posts
    For regular visitors, note this link in the secondary menu bar at the top of the forum page. Click it and you will see all threads, from all forums, that have had new posts since your last visit.


    Start a poll by starting a new thread as usual, and scroll down to the poll section.

    When you start a thread, you may choose from a number of available prefixes such as "TN" (Tasting Note) "Travel", "Food" or "NWR" (Not Wine Related). Adding a prefix is optional, but any time you see one in the title of a thread, by clicking on it you will filter the forum to show only threads beginning with that prefix - so all Food or all TN threads for example. A small Cancel Filter button appears at the top of the thread: click on it and the forum is back to normal.

    Quotes in replies
    There is a reply box at the bottom of every thread ready for you to type your reply. But at the bottom right of every individual post is a 'reply' link. Click it to quote the content of that post in your reply. There's also a 'quote+' link that lets you go through and quote two or more individual posts.

    At the bottom of every post is a a "Report" link. Click this and you can instantly alert the forum moderators to a spam post, or other post that breaks forum rules. If you do report a spammer, also consider replying with a simple one liner saying "post reported", so others know they do not need to act.


    Hiding text or pictures from the original post, but giving a user a button to click to reveal it. This has some potentially clever uses. We’ve come up with one, a mini quiz format, but creative ideas may emerge.

    Thread Display Options
    Inside any of our individual forums, at the bottom of the list of threads, is a button marked "Thread Display Options." Click this to access different ways of sorting and viewing threads in the forum, including by Prefix.

    WYSIWYG editor
    You may add colours, bolding, underlining, indents, bullets, numbering, font size etc to your text if required. If you copy formatted text from Word etc. the source document formatting is generally retained.
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