NWR Panic buying - the saga continues...

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mike Holliday, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Paid a visit to my local Sainsbury today and bought their entire stock of potatoes (see below)


    Sadly there were no green vegetables in decent condition to be bought so paid a visit to the local co-op which had a reasonable selection.
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  2. Tom Cannavan

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    Thought I'd have a walk down my local high street and have a go at getting some paracetamol as we have none in the house. None in Superdrug, a big Tesco Metro, Boots or Waitrose. But the first 3 had some stuff, like anti-bac handwash, Lem-Sips and Dettol wipes. Waitrose looked like a a bomb site with nothing, even stuff like coffee beans hammered. Secret is avoid the posh places where the monied classes can, and are, just hoovering stuff up it seems.
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  3. On the contrary, Tom, my Waitrose is also a mess but take a price step up and Wholefoods is a haven. May be a case of the squeezed middle.
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  4. Pah - the local Waitrose stuffed full of everything apart from loo rolls and blue top milk.

    Hardly anyone in it at 10 this morning.

    Am now well stocked up with Ciroc (on special), Florentines, Tyrells crisps and posh soups.

    Even found room in my trolley for a couple of non-essentials such as cereal and bread.

    Apparently Morrison’s just down the road was carnage though.
  5. Sainsburys on Cromwell road was empty (of people!) this morning at 8.30am. A fair amount of loo roll and pasta still to be had although you’re restricted to 2 packs of each. Stupidly, they aren’t differentiating on pack size so the lady next to me had 2 packs of 12 loo rolls whereas I was restricted to 2x4!
  6. In the (large) Sainsbury’s in Huddersfield on Sunday afternoon you wouldn’t have realised that anything abnormal was happening. The shelves were adequately stocked with all the usual goods and there were no crowds in there. But according to our window-cleaner there was absolute mayhem in Holmfirth Aldi at the very same time, with queues out of the door, many empty shelves and ill-tempered exchanges between customers.
  7. Funnily enough a few people I know are now worrying that they don't have enough wine come inevitable lock-down. Not sure many of us here have that same problem!
  8. At a bottle a day I should have enough for 10 years as long as it happens while I’m in Northampton (assuming I can’t have anything out of bond)...
  9. I scored a 32 tablet box of paracetamol at the Westminster Boots when it opened at 8am yesterday, which is something I've not seen for at least a week (seen a fair amount with caffeine mixed in which is no good for my mother-in-law). My local big Tesco has switched from being 24 hour to 6:00 to 22:00 and I was there at opening this morning and managed to get some eggs for the MIL too as it's probably been 2 weeks since I saw any of them!

    Got some beer and tonic water, as while I don't have a big collection I figured if I ration myself to a bottle of wine/champagne/port a week it should take a good year before I start having to hit the spirits.
  10. First world problems. off to the shops asked my daughter (17) was there any thing she needed. Answer Green Tea! Phoned my mother-in-law (76) Diet coke!
  11. I find myself fortuitously well stocked at the moment, in fact before it all kicked in I was reflecting that I really must stop buying food as though I were still feeding an army, but a foray for fresh vegetables took me on foot on the local circuit Waitrose/Lidl/Sainsburys/Polish/ Turkish/ Iranian shops. Waitrose and Sainsbury were empty of goods, more or less, but I was deeply impressed at Lidl (the staff have quite rightly had a big pay increase), almost everything is available with mild and sensible rationing. The Polish supermarket had everything including excellent flour and the other shops were also busy but fully stocked. I suppose we are lucky not to have to rely on supermarkets here.
    I also have several weeks supplies around my waist.
  12. I think it was Birger who posted up on FB a shop selling 1 sanitizer for £4 if you bought a 2nd £104. I thought that was cute!

    I did my fortnightly TEE shop and there was no pulse, pasta or baked beans. Even all the arborio rice was gone. It made smile the thought of all those families in the Shankill sitting down to their curries and complaining the rice is mushy.
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  13. Tom Cannavan

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    I did come away from Waitrose with some chaource and some goat's cheese, some ippolito oranges, duck breasts and sundry other items. Fresh stuff seems to be plentiful.
  14. Lewisham market is a refuge - went there yesterday and stocked up on huge amounts of fresh veg - huge bags of onions, carrots, aubergines, spuds, tomato, lemons etc. Spent about £8.

    The kids will, of course, be sick of ratatouille by the time we use it all!!
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  15. I’ve found that the independent corner shops that I have ventured into seem to be well stocked.
  16. If Frasier Crane did panic buying...
  17. Most of them are the ones who procured all of the supermarket stock in the first place! :)
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  18. ......he wouldn't have forgotten the Palo Cortado.
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  19. Tom Cannavan

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    Paracetamol acquired, regulation two boxes, from Superdrug who had crates of the stuff going onto shelves on Byres Rd this morning. Waitrose still a zombie-filled dystopian wasteland.
  20. We're get low on toilet paper which is somewhat ironic when one considers that the only crop I have ready in the garden is that well known laxative rhubarb
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  21. I am purposely avoiding the supermarkets and trying to use as many local independents as possible. Yes it takes a bit longer, but there is nothing we are absolutely desperate for and the locals need the income more than the supermarkets. Rang the local butcher to get meat for ourselves and my older brother and sister in-law and they are able to supply everything that we wanted to keep us going for a couple of weeks. Going to carry around our shopping list when we go and collect tomorrow and try and use as many locals as we can to buy what we need. Have though secured a couple of delivery slots next week for elderly friends and relatives (all over 70) so that at least (hopefully) they can get some essentials delivered without having to go out. Not sure will actually get delivered but hopefully most of it will be. Have ordered extra wine and beer to be delivered (from independents) just in case! :) A few on-line businesses I notice have stopped taking orders.
  22. The weekly visit to the shops was quite surreal. Waitrose not over full though there was a queue of maybe 15-20 elderly at 8 then the white trainer bunch arrived just as doors opened and seemed miffed they could not go first. Fish counter well stocked and plenty of most things, though flour and yeast in absentia as were loo rolls (inevitably). Veg range was excellent and similarly at Aldi 30 minutes later though the crowds here were seemingly trying to buy for a month even though restricted to 4 of any item. I suppose the one noticeable thing was a frisson of worry and uncertainty. Getting back to the haven of our lane and it is business as usual. Other than next door's builders not much going on. Tempted to isolate from most news programmes and just appear every so often, and make sure that the wine is open and shared (at a distance of course). Farm shop visit tomorrow and then we will leave it until next week.
  23. I thought this headline form the Daily Mash was very funny.

    "Waitrose limits food sales to people with detached houses"
  24. I've just been to the dentist, where the same could certainly be observed.
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  25. Tom Cannavan

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    TIme for my hygeinist appointment at the dentist, but I think I will leave it until the next time...
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