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  1. just landid in what looks to be a fantastic city. Restaurant recommendations gratefully received- the whole spectrum. Thank you in advance.
  2. Someone once claimed (on the old board?) that there were no good restaurants in Palermo just good street food. We stayed nearby in Sicily and found the area swimming in good food, even though we didn't go into Palermo. So I refuse to believe this.

    We went at this time of year, too - fine fish everywhere!
  3. We enjoyed Ristorante Quattro Mani andFranco u Vastiddaru for spleen sandwiches (go for added cheese!). If i remember any others I'll post them up.
  4. Strangely I haven't struck that lucky in Palermo, despite wholeheartedly agreeing with Guy and having eaten brilliantly all over Sicily (possibly my favourite place in the world to eat).

    I would suggest, though, eating in the newer part of the city (past the Politeama theatre). I think you'll do better than around the 4 Canti.
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  5. Agree with Mark - seemed to be a bit more ambition up there!
  6. Try Corona Trattoria.

    If you'll be near Cefalu, Terre di Himera is wonderful (and has lovely rooms).
  7. Ben - Thank you. We actually went there for lunch yesterday ! It was superb in very regard.

    Excellent staff. Superb all Italian wine list. Can’t recommend this enough
    If anyone per chance reads this. Genuine Sicilian food done with passion.
    Very knowledgeable and keen on wine offerings too.

    And great timing we are off to Cefalu tomorrow by train so thank you indeed.
  8. Glad you liked Corona Trattoria David, not that you needed my recommendation!

    Terre di Himera is similar to an agriturismo, and the best I've been to for its cooking, but with much more beautiful rooms than any agriturismo I've stayed at. We ate dinner there the three nights we stayed, different menu each time. Elevated traditional Sicilian home cooking. Ask if they have any Vigneri di Salvo Foti wines even if they aren't on the short wine list.

    Nangalarruni is good in Castelbuono, if you make it there ,for its mushroom dishes. Sicilian mushrooms are extraordinary.
  9. Think I ate at Nangalarruni (or was it another place in Castelbuono? There aren't too many ;)) years ago. Yep, good stuff!
  10. We did indeed go to Cefalu today, sadly not year your location.

    What a Devine town and situation.. Thorughly recommended.

    Enoteca Le petit Tonneau - especially the balacony at the back with 3 tables.
    Also Past & Pasti -ok no sea view but the freshest homemade pasta with sauces
    Where all the locals come and go at a high rate.

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