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  1. A very interesting thread but does anyone know where I could possibly buy one of these pizza ovens? It appears nobody has a single one in stock, current crisis considered.
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    Managed to sneak this one past the heathens this afternoon.

    Roman Pizza with Marinara and Garlic

    The first batch of dough was four portions and I only needed three. There was a suggestion that the dough could be frozen and then thawed later, allowed to come up to room temperature for an hour or so and then be used as normal. I had some tomato sauce left over so thought it worth a punt. Seems good so far.
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  3. You can purchase direct from manufacturer, albeit with a month or so’s lag on delivery.
  4. Thank you Simon, they are currently quoting end of August for delivery. Other suppliers simply state out of stock.
  5. That was the situationI found. I ordered mid last month and the last I heard was end June delivery. Hopefully we’ll still be having outdoors weather by then!
  6. Richard Ward had a Lidl pizza oven, I recall, and it didn't go the distance.
  7. Positives:

    The results were good. Sometimes very good.


    It lasted 2 years really, being a relatively thin metal construction meant the continuous heating and cooling caused it to warp. This in turn meant it struggled to reach and maintain temperature.

    It also required a lot of work with topping up the wood, then waiting, quickly cook a couple of pizzas while the temp was just right then add more wood and wait again....etc


    I suspect if you buy one at £100 you will a) need to replace it after a couple of years if you use it regularly, and b) will probably wish you had bought something more straightforward to use such as an Ooni for £200-250. Having had both, I would recommend you to just pay the extra for the Ooni.
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  8. I have dough made and currently proving for pizza this evening. Due to the very warm weather here, I have tried to keep the dough as cool as possible today, as last week I think they over proved in the heat - they had probably more than doubled in size, which is far, far too much - today's look much better.
  9. Tonight's efforts here - an 80% hydration dough from the book mentioned further up the thread. It looked horribly runny but actual handled well. The family vote was in favour of this rather than the lower hydration dough I posted about a while back. This was thicker and handled the tomatoes a little better though I think I prefer the other myself. 20200602_211727.jpg
  10. Couldn’t help but notice that you’ve been looking after your hands rather well during lockdown. Care to elaborate on your regime?

    Nice pizzas btw!
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  11. I like the socially distanced olives...
  12. I'm hoping to launch a new career as a hand model, there's clearly a gap in the market up here in West Yorkshire. Of course I would specialise in food related shots. In fact I'd like to remind you of this snap from xmas...

  13. 64DC8545-62E2-4014-967B-565A5DF72125.jpeg

    Yes Christmas can be such a difficult time for the hands of us cooks! As you can see mine certainly resembled yours at the time.

    You’ve certainly put in a shift since then, hence the question.
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  14. Wow, that's some serious sun damage you've picked up from all those summers on Bondi...
  15. Just goes to show how wrong we’re those people that said I was half-baked...
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  16. Richard,

    I guess it is potato pizza?! If so, do you use raw slices of potatoes or lighly cooked in water??

  17. No potato - just garlic butter, mozzarella and rosemary, so it is a pizza bianco. The other was Margherita.
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  18. When I do it I use slices of raw potato cut with a mandolin.

    CEB5BBA5-21DF-4B5F-B608-53881298CF05.jpeg 40949C50-8660-4266-9A98-AEFDD6293303.jpeg
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  19. I've never tried potato on an Ooni pizza, but the pizza cooks so quickly I suspect it would need blanching first.
  20. Quite possibly required, but not certainly.

    That pizza would have been cooked at 380C for around 4 minutes. The potato was just cooked. Although to be fair it was cooked in the barbecue which doesn’t have the same amount of heat “over the top” that an Ooni would be capable of. If you cut the potato thin enough on a mandolin I reckon you’d still have a chance of it being cooked even if your pizza is a 90 second job.
  21. Tbh I'm not that keen on potato as a pizza topping, otherwise I would have a bit of a play around with it. Same goes for egg.
  22. So I need some advice on peels. I have a good dough recipe and am cooking on a stone in a Weber gas barbecue. I have a metal peel and am having real trouble getting the pizza off the peel. I have tried flour and semolina and unless I use a large amount of either parts of the pizza stick to the peel. Any advice out there or do I really need to get a wooden peel? I’m guessing that the dough would be less likely to stick to wood?

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