Online tasting, any interest?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Simon Reilly, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Not sure if this would work, but after streaming my Pilates class online last night for the first time, which was streamed from down the road in East Dulwich, I wondered whether a group wine tasting might work to lift spirits somewhat.

    Thoughts are, a wine is identified during the week and then anyone who has a bottle or can get hold of one in time cracks it open at the same time (roughly) on Saturday night and then we can discuss/debate it as it’s consumed, say between 8-10pm?

    Given the Fourrier thread and recent availability through TWS, what about the 2014 GC VV? Could be same wine different vintage for variation or same producer different cuvee in 2014 if the exact wine not available.

    Anyway, just an idea. Let me know if any interest and I’ll set up a thread and will open the 14 GC myself about 8pm anyway.
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  2. Good idea Simon. I haven't opened a 2014 Fourrier GCVV yet; it'll be a good excuse to do so.
  3. Isn't this an advanced Forum PCE?
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  4. Good idea Simon, I was thinking of something similar last night, if there’s a manageable amount of people we could do it via a video chat to get more of the social interaction going, messenger or WhatsApp or something like that ? This would be best with 4-6 people only I would think
    Getting the same wine may be tricky, as my Fourrier GC 14 is still in storage, but I’m up for giving something a go
  5. Yes, doesn’t have to be that wine, just picked one that was topical. Could do an wider topic like 2014 village burgundy or whatever
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  6. Our regular Wednesday evening Nottingham wine group is on hold, so a few of us are going to video chat on a Wednesday evening using Google Duo - it lets up to 7 (I think) people join together in a video call - really easy to set-up.
  7. I have been skyping every few months with my mate Jelle in Amsterdam. We have a stash of wines in common and we usually open a couple to taste over an hour. It’s hard with the 10 hour time difference, but once we get going it’s great and the distance does not matter.

    I was due to bring a new selection over in May, but looks like there is little chance of that happening now.
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  8. I'd be keen..! PYCM BB maybe?
  9. Great idea.
    I did suggest when the Tuscany wimps was cancelled that those going could open their bottles anyway next a Friday as an online Wimps. There were no takers.So how about Tuscany as the theme.
    I personally have no access to fourrier or PYCM. And a trip to get a wider available wine from the local supermarket might be tricky. So theme might need to be wide.
  10. Tuscany is a good idea, given wimps
  11. A lot of people seem to have jettisoned Skype in favour of Zoom recently. According to the Zoom website, for more than 2 people the free version is limited to 40 minutes. But I read that they may have waived this limitation so as to meet the expanded need for remote connecting caused by Covid-19.
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  12. I am delighted by the return in recent days to landline use. They really are so much better at the core activity of telephone calls, particularly now we have both digital dialling and portable handsets.
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  13. Ready! In Italy is already the preferred choice...

    (Signed up to Zoom and exicted if I could see all of you soon!)
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  14. thrilled to have a zoom offline! Anyone up for a Friday happy hour? We could be cooking dinner and tasting a couple of bottles - could be quite fun...
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  15. Is this happening..?
  16. Well we should
    I’m up for it.
    Anyone else?
  17. Might be tricky for some of us.....Andy’s Castellare and my Lisini are still at the restaurant....
  18. Well my Friday became a little different from what I expected.

    What about next Thursday. I can set up a zoom meeting. We could do it say 7pm London time.

    you will have to provide your own stems of course. We could try for a theme? Or have a bit of a mix?

    I’ve had a couple of happy hours with my team at work and it’s quite fun...zoom does a good job!
  19. I’d be up for that Leon.
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  21. All set up!

    [If you have something in your glass or need an excuse - or just want a change of scene - jump on. I'm drinking some fab XO Mauritian rum]
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  22. Another time, I’m sure.
  23. Yes for next week. Although I have my wine for wimps right here, it not important which wine you have only that we get together and allow a social outlet for us all.

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