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  1. Thought it might be useful to share a few high quality retailers who are happy to deliver. In the last couple of days I’ve bought and await delivery from
    Andreas Chelsea- 2019 Olive oil and jars of Vesuvian tomatoes as discussed previously.

    Monmouth Coffee- Kg bags of Finca Malacara A beans.

    Husk and Honey Spa Terminus- 2kg bags of Granola.
    As we’re in deepest East Kent, fresh meat, fish, fruit and veg shouldn’t be a problem but popping up to Spa Terminus/Borough Market/ Central London isn’t quite as easy as previously!
    Any other recommendations?
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  2. Thanks Jim.

    Any reccos for bread flour? It seems impossible to come by both online and in-store.
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  3. (Mostly unrelated to what's being discussed here, but of tangential relevance)

    Saw a favour being asked inline by a postie (not officially - just as a simple worker), that people avoid using being at home as an excuse to order non-essential stuff. He said they'd been inundated with parcels at higher levels than xmas, with a noticeably higher volume of flowers (presumably for mother's day).

    They've agreed that they will step up to provide additional capability, be that medical supplies, food and other essentials. Hence the desire to avoid being overloaded with less important stuff as staff numbers dip through self-isolation / illness.
  4. I've used Bakery Bits for flour. They are currently quoting at least 8 days before delivery as they are so overwhelmed with orders. Other places i have used have closed their online shops (albeit temporarily).

    I have seen on social media at least a couple of fish suppliers and fruit veg suppliers that serve the catering/restaurant trade are considering doing deliveries for the public.
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  5. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    I'm assuming those in search of flour normally bake their own bread? Certainly seems to be no shortage of bread and products in shops at present?
  6. They seem to be out of stock of all flour!
  7. Local shops have all been raided for flour, too. I am sceptical there are really this many keen home bread bakers.
  8. I noticed that packets of bread mix disappeared even before the bread flour - I guess there are quite a few people with bread makers as well as us hard core bakers...
    At the moment I've been unable to source any flour at all - I'm putting off going out again until I really have to, and hoping that supplies will be a bit better by then!
    Annoyingly, another online order (not food this time) which was supposed to be for collection, has just been cancelled as a result of recent restrictions. The suppliers seem to have been unable to change it to be for delivery, so I now have to re-order from scratch, and they will have had the expense of picking and packing and then of returning to stock for the cancelled order. In order to benefit from a limited time offer I have to do this today, although the refund won't hit my bank account for a couple more days...
  9. Was ok for flour - made some pizza dough yesterday, so the 00 has been dented. Still quite a bit in the self raising and plain flour bags. I suspect I'll run out of yeast first, unless I start propagating my own. I currently prefer fresh (but it freezes and defrosts ok) yeast from the Scandi kitchen, but unfortunately it was the one thing missing from the order I put in last month. Hence just 3 yeast blocks remaining.

    Bread seems available FWIW, even if it's a case of selecting from what is available, rather than seeking out what is desired.

    At some point I should break open the large chapati flour bag I've had for a while - I've been wanting to try it out for a while & I won't need yeast!
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  10. Thanks Jim. By chance I was running low on granola and normally start the day with some yoghurt and granola, so I have ordered some from Husk and Honey.
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  11. They’re a lovely, quite old fashioned outfit and worth visiting at Spa Terminus on Saturday mornings(normally!) as they do quite a few more than their online offerings.
  12. In London, in self-isolation for a week and a half already expecting 12 weeks+, I have already tried a few things. Fish is hard ... my first try was edible. Trying Plan B this weekend. For meat, pies etc ... Lidgates have been giving amazing service. Tonight’s wagyu fillet was vvg (even better than one tried last week).





    Sauces itself. Fat renders easily (just needs to be warmed to room temp before cooking) seasoned with salt and black, white and mostly Japanese pepper. Shiitake mushrooms with a little fresh yuzu juice (out of a bottle - Wasabi Company).
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  13. I apologise for drooling Paul.
  14. Phwooar. That demands a decent bottle, Paul. For me it would probably be a top St Emilion or Pomerol.
  15. Has to be Sangiovese! Chianti Classico or Brunello or similar (Montevertine Paul? :)
  16. All very civil choices ...

    But, de facto, I actually contemplated Champagne (Champagne is my default option with everything, and I would have selected a Pinot-heavy version) and Sake (a nice bottle in the fridge) but in the end had a small bit of a half bottle of Clos des Lambrays 2005 left over from the previous day (it had held nicely in the fridge for once) plus a newly opened half of d'Arlot Suchots 2008 that was a bit stalky at first, not great, but I warmed to, enjoyed and finished.
  17. Some excellent news for the consumer - Kernow Sashimi (01326231950) are going to start delivering to private customers. I've bought frequently from them in Falmouth/Truro and their fish and crustacea are superb (and handled so much better/more sensitively than most).

    They are beginning by sending out one of their ten boats for the day - they've lost their entire market - so will have a fairly limited range of inshore fish: spider/edible crab, red mullet, gurnard, mackerel, pollock, cod, ling, whiting, pouting etc.

    They will send out overnight (dispatched at 4pm) - delivery will be c.£15 for up to 12kg. I've got a group of neighbours cued up for when there is sufficient interest to set out to sea...
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  18. The thoroughly excellent cheesemonger and affineur, The Courtyard Dairy near Settle is (at the moment at least) continuing to fulfil online orders. Highly recommended.
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  19. My mum was a very grateful recipient of some emergency rations from AB Vintners and the Cambridge Cheese Company earlier today. Hopefully this will distract her from some of the other wines in the cellar !
  20. 9FA07081-442F-47C4-9403-F5A660C84EA6.jpeg Quick service and all arrived undamaged. I need more Italian wine!
  21. That must be one of the last orders they made before closing, Jim! well done
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  22. My guess is that forum members fall into the category of people who make bread on a regular basis. In my home we have been making our own bread for twenty years.

    Sadly, I feel that the vast majority of buyers are panicking and probably won’t know how to make it or worse still won’t bother and end up throwing it away.

    it is infuriating that genuine bakers are losing out.
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  23. I'm sure there are millions of ignored bread machines being wheeled out again, they were very popular a few years ago.
  24. We had one and the smell in the morning was quite alluring but the actual loaf was always a disappointment. I don’t remember seeking out the best flour so poor ingredients were probably a factor.
  25. Never had a machine. Hand made all day.
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