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    The wine cellar of the late, great Mstislav Rostropovich goes up for sale on 29th November at Drouot in Paris.

    Some of the wines he collected were to mark certain anniversaries: his own birth in 1927, his wife's birth year of 1926, his wedding in 1955, the birth of his daughters in 1956 and 1958, his exile to the United States in 1974, and the concert he gave in 1989 at the Berlin wall.

    A 1955 DRC Grands Echezeaux comes with a personal letter from Aubert de Villaine, and among the other bottles are an Imperial of Lafite from 1989, a Lafite 1803 (rebottled by the Chateau in 1922) and Burgs from Henri Jayer, Georges Mugneret and René Engel amongst others.
  2. How fascinating. The only thing I ever saw him drink was vodka. It was extremely impressive.
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    Apparently a fabulous art collection too which has already been sold to a single Russian collector.

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