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  1. OK, the World Cup starts on Thursday. We're running a competition here at work, where you have to pick the group winners and runners-up, then predict the result of every game thereafter.

    I've gone for France to beat Spain in the final. England to reach the quarter-finals and then lose to Germany (naturally).

    Any other predictions?
  2. That Russian fans will give ours a good pasting. It is a long time since we ruled the world in football hooliganism and theirs are state trained.
  3. "Here come the Belgians!!!!" Outside chance, but definitely possible :)
  4. Russia will progress from the group stage by fair means or foul. OK, foul.
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  5. Germany to beat Brazil. Boring but what to do . England to lose in last 16
  6. Have drawn France in the office sweep so that is the kiss of death for them.
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  7. England - a bunch of perennial losers and so many times people "believe" that we will win. Generation upon generation have disappointed and only more recently have we accepted that we are crap.

    Now my prediction is England. This is not a "believers" prediction. I don't actually believe we will win or are good enough, but have been asked to pick a winner, so there goes.
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  8. England to do surprisingly well and make the quarter finals, where they will make their usual not-so-heroic failure. Germany to win, as usual.
  9. Russia to win, emulating France at their world cup.
  10. Scotland or Wales to win - sorry forgot they didn’t qualify ;):D ouch!!
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  11. And I bet you are a fan of red burgundy......
  12. I think that England will get to quarter finals, where I think the draw means they face either Brazil or Germany. In the unlikely event they win, they then face the other one in the semi. If they beat them then they have a decent chance. All of which I have been told by my son, so it might be nonsense.

    I don’t think that Brazil and Germany can contest the final, only the semi, but then again I really couldn’t give a flying monkeys about football.
  13. Sunday times predicted yesterday France would be out in group stage so who am I to disagree with the pundits... Isabelle wishing there are out asap so we can watch something else...
  14. Holland and Italy normally do pretty well.
  15. The cricket?
  16. This is simply not funny.
  17. Brazil.

    Harry Kane to fail to score during the tournament.

    A Russian player to fail a drugs test - but will that be made public ?
  18. France to win, emulating France at their own World Cup.

    Australia to exit at the earliest stage, if not sooner, as befits the fifth sport of a small but ambitious sporting nation.

    Italy, USA, Scotland, Wales, Holland (and most importantly of all New Zealand) not to even get that far.

    Keith to predict both of the potential winners after there are only two nations left, insisting that he told us so all along and offering 4/9 to anyone who wants it for the remaining two teams.

    Belgium to be hotly tipped, monster all early opponents, look the business, only to have a failure of nerve in the semi final.

    Me to get three of of my five predictions correct enabling me to insist that I know more than a random idiot who would only be a fifty fifty chance in their predictions.
  19. Nice one Mark :):)
  20. Chris Hambledons son has got it nailed on.

    We will stumble out of the group - Tunisia are quite limited and Panama are arguably the weakest team in the tournament.

    Nudge past Poland or Colombia in the last 16 and get well beaten by Germany and Brazil in the quarters.

    The top half of the draw is notably weaker so it wouldn't surprise me if Russia got to the semis, albeit with some help from the officials, just as South Korea did in their World Cup back in 2002.
  21. Two small predictions:

    - That all nations but one will be disappointed with the final result.
    - Englands drought of decent managerial stock will come to an end as wave after wave of armchair talent makes itself known.
  22. What's our best starting XI?

    Ali Sterling
    ? ? ?
    Rose ? ? Walker

    Great forward line. But I don't see much strength in central/defensive positions. And please remind me what Southgate has achieved or even what experience he has?

    Four more years of hurt.....
  23. It's only a game. British sport went awry when it became professional.
  24. Not sure about this... Iceland were delighted last time despite not winning it;)... disappointment comes from too high expectations...:confused:

    This time, England have a chance to perform well... just hoping the great British media don't give the players the conviction they are the best and are going to win it...

    Too late for France...the media just hope/claim France 2018 is going to emulate France 1998...so disappointment is looming.

    The solution is to play well and with style and then, if you win it, that's a plus.
  25. I predicted Spain to reach the final and today they sack their coach.

    I'm hoping it will galvanise the players. It's possible.
  26. I'm feeling rather depressed about the whole thing, I'm afraid....

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