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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by David Pope, May 12, 2020.

  1. David any reason to believe this isn’t theft? It feels as though they have taken advantage of your kind and generous nature. If it sounds too unbelievable to be to true in my experience it usually is.
  2. Ouch! That sounds rather out of scope for a refurbishment - I think I'd be sending them a stiffly worded letter offering them a trip to the Small Claims court (assuming that is, they're not accepting responsibility).
  3. It's also good to see that the associated blurb says: "The transmission speed of the cable is extremely fast, at over 96% the speed of light."
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  4. I also found that very reassuring. One assumes Scotty has seen such cables and maybe uses them on the Enterprise...
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  5. Oh my word! How is this possible? Did someone tell them it was a house clearance? I'm so sorry to hear this. Where's your wine kept?!

    [edit - somehow missed a bunch of other replies before posting this]
  6. Replying to the posts above, I think was a mixture of my partner being over-zealous and the refurbishers being idiots.

    I still have a problem with the hi-fi. I've ordered speaker cable and the other paraphernalia. I was looking forward to spending the weekend reacquainting myself with my CD collection. However, I cannot connect the power cables.

    My system is 27 years old and things may have changed since then. Each component - the CD player, turntable and cassette player - has an audio cable connecting it with the amplifier. They also have a power cable and these are connected to an extension block - also known as a power block, IIRC. There is a power lead from the extension block to the wall socket.

    Unfortunately the power leads do not fit into the extension block. They are known as male kettle leads IIRC and the block is designed to fit these. However, the power lead has a bit of plastic sticking out next to the kettle, a bit like a tongue. This prevents the lead from connecting with the block.

    I hope this is clear. I'm not very good with technical terms or at expressing myself. I have looked at on-line catalogues but I cannot find any extension block that would fit with my power leads. Does anyone have any bright ideas?
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    I think that is a clear enough explanation of the problem David, though a photo of the ends of the power leads might help too?
  8. My cones dissapeared in my move to London.

    Current speaker isolation cones are wine corks

    Never imagined this would be relevant in a forum, but here we are...
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  9. It sounds to me as if you have iec C16 plugs but sockets designed for C14. If I had this problem I probably would just replace the plugs, but I’m used to doing that kind of thing. Hopefully this gives you some more hints for googling...
  10. I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s to distinguish high power uses (eg kettles) from low ones (eg audio equipment). Should be easy to solve....

    Do the power leads have figure-of-8 plugs the other end?

    LINDY IEC C14 Plug to Figure 8 Connector, 1m https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009VDVGDM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_35qYEbKQ4479A
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  11. Interesting. I googled the speed of electricity and got this from Scientific Focus -
    "Drift velocity, the average speed at which electrons travel in a conductor when subjected to an electric field, is about 1mm per second. It’s the electromagnetic wave rippling through the electrons that propagates at close to the speed of light. The dimensions of the wire and electrical properties like its inductance affect the exact propagation speed, but usually it will be around 90 per cent of the speed of light – about 270,000 km/s."

    So the big question is - do you need speaker cable that can transmit at 96% of the speed of light or are you happy to settle with 90% speed of light? And can you tell the difference? ;)
  12. Only 90% of the speed of light?! Well that won't get anywhere fast. You'd need to do some serious recalibration to sort out the time lag for the sound.
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  13. Sit closer to the speakers?
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  14. I suppose the important thing is that the cables are a matched pair in terms of performance and length. If they both operate at 0.001% of the speed of light, as long as they are consistent, does it matter...
  15. I guess that the propagation might affect different frequencies differently - so acting as a filter. Whether or not it would make a discernable difference (and whether the difference would be perceived as an improvement) only trying it out would be able to say....
  16. I can barely tell the difference between my Dad's 1970s eight-track in his car and a £10k Naim setup anyway. I should sod off back to the bread thread!
  17. I’m not allowed to make bread OR listen to music through loudspeakers at the volume I like!
  18. And I definitely don't listen to Bread
  19. How about Cake?
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  20. Let them listen to Cake.
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  21. Wheatus anyone?
  22. Tells you everything you need to know about Naim.
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  23. You surely cannot be serious Alex? This is precisely how the hi-fi voodoo starts.
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  24. Blasphemy!!!! :)
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  25. The new stuff! Not the old stuff...

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